Animal Mints strain: if Taylor Swift’s mom was weed

animal mints strain

Most people think of cannabis as dank, gassy, sweet, or fruity. But sometimes, a new flavor comes along that turns the scene on its head—and gives the world a powerhouse child right after. Animal Mints strain is one of these varieties.

The tart menthol aroma of Animal Mints (sometimes called Animal Mintz) is truly one-of-a-kind, but it’s the bright green nugs dripping with frosty trichomes and the potent buzz that seals the deal. This hybrid weed strain has been dubbed a one-hit-wonder by many consumers, able to elicit a stoney experience even the pros can enjoy.

The fresh flavor and impeccable looks of Animal Mints isn’t its only claim to fame: it also happens to be the parent of one of the most popular weed strains of the last decade.

Want to learn more about what makes Animal Mints a strain you need to know? This GreenState guide has you covered.

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Animal Mints strain genetics

Animal Mints is a cross of SinMint Cookies and Animal Cookies. Most of the original varieties online came from renowned California breeders Seed Junky Genetics. 


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As indicated by the name, Animal Mints has Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) as a grandparent on both sides of the family tree. Despite the familiar similarities, there are a number of notable strains in the Animal Mints lineage responsible for its unique expressions.

Some of the iconic weed varieties in the Animal Mints lineage include OG Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine. Going back even further, you’ll find Thai, Afghani, and Hindu Kush as ancestors.

Animal Mints also has the honorable distinction of playing parent to one of the biggest weed stars in recent memory: the Wedding Cake strain. Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2019 and has been a consistent top seller in marijuana markets nationwide. Not to be forgotten is Animal Mints’ other star child: Kush Mints.

Flavor, aroma, and terpenes of Animal Mints

Animal Mints is known for its sweet, menthol flavor. Notes of cream, fruit, peppermint, and pine come through on the nose, with soft hints of citrus spice.

Smoking this strain is a lot like eating an apple fritter while enjoying a cup of mint tea. You get the tart yet sweet vanilla pastry on the inhale with an effervescent and bright, tingly sensation on the exhale. 

Driving this flavor explosion are the main Animal Mints terpenes: caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and pinene. These active compounds aren’t just responsible for the unparalleled taste and scent of Animal Mints—they also drive the overall effects.

animal mints strain
Expect Animal Mints to be bursting with menthol flavor. Photo: Canva and GreenState Team

Effects of Animal Mints strain

Animal Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain, but it leans on the indica side for most when it comes to effects. The variety is relaxing yet joyful, perfect for unwinding after work or before bed.

Many online reviews tout Animal Mints as a pain reliever. It’s also commonly used as a way to promote sleep. The heavy body high and deeply Zen-like experience make it a wonder for catching Zs.

Animal Mints is considered to be a potent cannabis strain, regularly testing over 24 percent THC. Looking at dispensary menus in Los Angeles, products average between 28 and 31 percent THC. Newer consumers should tread lightly with this one—try a single puff or two before burning an entire joint.

Growing Animal Mints

Animal Mints seeds are widely available online and considered moderately easy to cultivate. They do well in both indoor and outdoor gardens, with an expected flowering time of 10 to 12 weeks. This strain likes lower humidity, particularly in flower.

Purveyors of Animal Mints genetics recommend coco coir or perlite as a growing medium to help retain moisture. The Screen of Green method, which uses screens to promote horizontal rather than vertical growth, is advised indoors.

When growing Animal Mints, expect dense nugs dripping with trichomes. Yields from outdoor plants could reach up to nearly a pound and a half. Inside plants usually yield about an ounce per square foot of canopy.

Animal Mints strain FAQ

Still curious about the Animal Mints strain? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Animal Mints indica or sativa?

Animal Mints is a hybrid marijuana strain, but its effects lean toward indica. Expect a tranquil body buzz with this potent variety.

Is Animal Mints good for sleep?

Many consumers opt to smoke Animal Mints before bed, saying it helps them feel relaxed and carefree. Consider it the perfect after-dinner mint.

Is Animal Mints a strong strain?

Animal Mints is considered a stronger cannabis strain. It regularly tests over 25 percent THC content and often reaches more than 30 percent. 

What’s the difference between Animal Mints and Kush Mints?

Animal Mints is a parent of Kush Mints. Animal Mints is a cross of SinMint Cookies and Animal Cookies, while Kush Mints is a cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. 

Is Animal Mints exotic?

Animal Mints may be thought of as exotic weed thanks to its association with Seed Junky Genetics. As a strain with a lot of hype behind it, Animal Mints could definitely be seen as exotic.

Is Animal Mints good for anxiety?

Animal Mints is a popular weed strain for people with anxiety, with 22 percent of Leafly reviewers saying they use it to de-stress. However, some people find the potent pot makes them paranoid, so always use trial and error when testing it for yourself.

Animal Mints strain: the Andrea Swift of weed

Animal Mints made waves when it hit the market thanks to its unique menthol aroma and powerful punch. Not to be outshined by its progeny, Animal Mints is a strain worthy of fame all on its own. It only became more popular once its superstar child, Wedding Cake, came into the world.

And much like Taylor Swift’s mom, Andrea, this weed variety is here for the long run— often side by side with its fan-favorite offspring. Fortunately for consumers (and unlike T-swift tickets), it’s readily available in legal cannabis markets across the country.


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