Cap Junky strain: weed worth its weight in gold

cap junky strain

In the world of exotic weed, the name Seed Junky Genetics rings out loud and clear. The iconic SoCal breeder founded by legendary cultivator JBeezy is known for bringing some of the most hype varieties to market, including the white-hot Cap Junky Strain.

Cap Junky was the result of a collaboration between Seed Junky and Capulator, another incredibly popular breeder. And just like prominent collabs in fashion and other consumer brands, the Cap Junky release was met with a remarkable frenzy.

In addition to its name recognition, the tart, minty aromas and incredibly potent effects of the Cap Junky strain made it an instant smash. Growers couldn’t wait to get their hands on a cut, with the breeders reportedly getting $1,000 a clone at the peak. 

Curious about how Cap Junky became the cream of the crop? This deep dive has you covered.

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Cap Junky strain genetics

Cap Junky is a cross between Kush Mints and Alien Cookies. It’s sometimes known as Miracle Mints, partially since Capulator created MAC (aka Miracle Alien Cookies). Both of Cap Junky’s parents are descendants of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), but that’s not the only royalty in the family tree.

Kush Mints, one of Seed Junky’s most famous creations, is a balanced cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. The strain’s ancestors include Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, and Afghani. 

Alien Cookies has a somewhat similar lineage to Kush Mints but also has notable sativa landrace strains in its DNA, including Durban. The strain counts F1 as a great-grandparent. 

With so many hitters coming together to create Cap Junky, it’s no wonder the strain was destined for greatness.

cap junky strain parent kush mints
Cap Junky is a cross of Kush Mints (pictured) and Animal Cookies Photo: Getty Canva

Aroma and flavor of Cap Junky

Cap Junky has a fairly unique scent that encapsulates fruit, cream, menthol, earth, and haze in one ultimate flavor explosion. The citrus overtones strike most people up front, but they are soon overcome by the complex notes coming from every angle.

The smoke is smooth, cool, and mild. Like a cheese Danish with a side of peppermint tea, this strain is a full snack. Consumers with an elevated palate will love the nuanced flavor notes of Cap Junky, a feather in the cap of an already flawless variety.

Cap Junky strain effects

Cap Junky is known for being incredibly potent—this strain is not for beginners. Buds regularly test over 30 percent THC. Searching for Cap Junky on the dispensary menu site Jane, you’ll find the majority of flower products test anywhere from 27-32 percent THC.

Smoking or dabbing Cap Junky is sure to elevate any situation and could easily get the job done in a few hits or less. Consumers describe the high as energizing, uplifting, and happy. However, some may find Cap Junky to be too powerful, finding the sativa side leads to anxious thoughts. If you’re new to this strain, tread lightly.

Growing Cap Junky strain

Cap Junky is considered moderately difficult to grow but not overtly challenging. Its expected flowering time is roughly 70 days. Buds are chunky and robust, meaning regular pruning is especially crucial. Some growers opt for low-stress training techniques to get the most from the plant.

While growing Cap Junky may not be too hard, finding a reasonably priced cut is. If you search online, clones are still priced at $500 each. It is possible to find Cap Junky seeds that were created independently of the two powerhouse breeders, but for serious growers, there’s nothing like the real thing.

Cap Junky (JBeezy breeder cut) harvest day 64 – 123 days total cycle time from clone rooting to chop. 2 weeks dry + 4 weeks cure will bring some real proper smoke just in time for Christmas. Yes, this was by design. Ho Ho Ho!
byu/MIXM0DE inRva_homegrown

Cap Junky FAQs

Still curious about the Louis Vuitton of weed strains? Here are some of Cap Junky’s most frequently asked questions.

Is Cap Junky an indica or sativa?

Cap Junky is considered a hybrid strain, with a 50-50 split of indica and sativa effects. However, each harvest of Cap Junky could be slightly different. Additionally, every person uniquely processes cannabis.

What are the main Cap Junky strain terpenes?

Cap Junky counts limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool as its dominant terpenes. The combination makes for an incredibly complex flavor and aroma dotted with notes of citrus, menthol, cream, dirt, spice, and cream.

What are the effects of Cap Junky?

Cap Junky is known as a potent cannabis strain with uplifting and euphoric effects. Some have said smoking Cap Junky is like riding a rocket ship—one hit and you blast off.

What are the benefits of Cap Junky?

Many online reviews tout the Cap Junky strain for its ability to ease anxiety, depression, and pain. With joyful effects, it’s a great pick for experienced consumers looking to de-stress.

What percentage is Cap Junky?

Cap Junky regularly tests above 30 percent THC. Given its potent nature, it’s recommended that beginner smokers start low and go slow with this one.

What is the origin of the Cap Junky strain?

Cap Junky is a collab between Seed Junky Genetics and Capulator. Both breeders are known for their top-shelf strains, making the cut incredibly sought-after by growers and consumers alike. This hot demand has led to sky-high prices for Cap Junky clones and seeds.

Cap Junky: a high-end strain worthy of the hype

When it comes to hype, Cap Junky takes the cake. The strain was a phenomenon that hit the scene a few short years ago and continues to command top dollar thanks to its extraordinary flavor profile and incredibly potent effects.

The bottom line: Cap Junky is designer bud well worth the price of admission. Growers are certain to get a premium for the frosty nugs; consumers can easily make a bag last, considering one hit is enough for most to catch a serious buzz. Just remember to be careful with this one: Cap Junky is strong enough to take down even the most hard-core smokers.


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