Bubba Kush strain—a dream of the nineties

Bubba Kush Strain

Classics like the Bubba Kush strain are the backbone of exotics and hybrids gracing dispensary shelves today. From landrace strains to classic sativas, varieties from the early days of indoor hydro have been somewhat lost as buyers opt for hype over history. Bubba Kush is one of the prominent originals in the game, and it rose to fame quickly after it was bred.

The origins of Bubba Kush started with Matt “Bubba” Berger in 1997. The known parent of the indica dominant strain is OG Kush. The other half of the lineage is often cited as an unknown indica tha many believe to be Northern Lights. The resulting Bubba Kush is an indica, which speaks to its parentage. The effects align with that moniker with couch lock possibly settling in quickly. Let’s dive into this classic cannabis strain.

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Bubba Kush strain

Basics of the Bubba Kush strain

As an elder of the Kush strains, Bubba Kush offers a modest THC content, dark green buds, and a refined earthy aroma. One thing that will always be with all Bubba Kush strains is the big, round, bulbous bud structure. When given the right environment they also grow exceptionally dense.

Nugs have dark brown pistils in bushes all over the lush green nuggets. Each bud is drenched in trichomes and super densely wound so that they almost feel like rocks.

Bubba Kush is a classic strain, and because of that, the aroma feels classic as well. The spiced earthy, coffee aromatics from Bubba Kush stand apart in a market where fruity terpene profiles are coveted. The overpowering scent of Bubba Kush features a robust but slightly sweet skunk that finishes with a spicy black pepper.

Bubba Kush effects

From couch lock to muscle tension relief, Bubba Kush has classic indica effects. Almost immediately after the inhale, the mind may settle into a deep stone, the kind that makes your eyeballs feel like they weigh 100 pounds while they dry out like the Sahara.

On the positive end of that experience, medical marijuana patients may find pain relief or some help getting to sleep. Bubba Kush effects may promote full-on relaxation, plan accordingly. Those who fight it will probably induce quite a bit of yawn.

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Bubba Kush strain

FAQ: Everything there is to know about Bubba Kush

Is Bubba Kush indica or sativa?

The classic Bubba Kush bred by Matt Berger and available through House of Kush is an indica strain, but Royal Queen Seeds bred a hybrid strain and named it Bubba Kush. Bubba Kush is an indica, and Bubba Kush crosses Bubble Gum and OG Kush is a hybrid.

Is Bubba Kush good for sleep?

Effects from consuming cannabis vary with each person, but many report Bubba Kush is a solid strain to take on before bed.

Is Bubba Kush good for anxiety?

Anxious consumers may rest easy with Bubba Kush, those who feel relaxed from the strain often feel cares melt away. Some experience paranoia with indica, which can reignite anxiety for some. This one doesn’t kick up that anxiety like some high THC levels.

Is Bubba Kush hard to grow?

Growing a Bubba Kush strain can require moderate cannabis cultivation skills. The dense, compact buds are prone to mold and rot, especially in moist climates. Those in places with heavy rain in the outdoor growing seasons might opt to take Bubba Kush inside.

Is Bubba Kush exotic?

Is any cannabis strain exotic? The term Zaza exploded the hunt for exotic weed, which is a different journey depending on how you define the term. Some believe exotic cannabis is new phenotypes, for other camps, it’s all about unique terpene profiles.

As elder flower like Bubba Kush and Durban Poison become harder to find, perhaps Bubba Kush is exotic, it’s really up to whoever is asking.

Is Bubba Kush top shelf?

Bubba Kush is top shelf if grown with care, properly cured, full of terpenes, and glittering with trichomes. Genetics can provide a headstart on great terpene profiles or bud size, but what the grower does with them is more important. A good flavor, nose, clean burn, and clear effect are all on the checklist for the top shelf. With the right grower, Bubba Kush could get there.

The final word

From the nose to the grows, Bubba Kush is one for the books. It is a great smoke, and with the proper humidity, it’s not too hard to grow. This classic indica strain deserves a place in the hall of fame, and the dispensary menu.

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