New weed drink is giving espresso martini energy

cannabis energy drink

The hemp-derived world has brought inventive edibles nationwide. COUNTDOWN Energy is one such brand offering the pick-me-up of an energy drink with a solid dose of THC. This newer brand wants to bring the energy of an espresso martini to the weed seltzer game. I tried each of the three flavors to see if they met their goal.

COUNTDOWN Energy is available in 24 states, and is made by the Wherehouse Beverage Co. in New York. There are COUNTDOWN drinks sold in dispensaries, but these don’t have caffeine, only THC. For the full force energy experience, they have to be ordered online or purchased from participating retailers.

“COUNTDOWN Energy was designed based on the feedback of our customers that enjoy THC beverages in different ways for different occasions. The combination of THC and Caffeine creates an effect that is truly fun and controllable in social settings. After sampling early prototypes to consumers, it quickly became clear this product form had legs,” founder Angus Rittenburg shared with GreenState.

cannabis energy drink
Photo by Nick Murway

Now let’s talk flavor. The drinks come in Berry Force, Orange Blast, and Cosmic Lemonade flavors, each tasting exactly how they sound. Each 12-ounce can contains 10 mg sugar, 10mg THC, and 100mg caffeine. To best understand how they work, I decided to taste one of each.

Trying COUNTDOWN cannabis energy drink

While I’m a girl who loves her beverages, I rarely drink energy drinks. I love black coffee, so much of it, but not Red Bull. I am, however, a lover of weed seltzers–both plain and in mixed mocktails. For that reason, I had to test this one out.While I’m glad I did, I still have some notes.

COUNTDOWN flavors certainly taste like their names describe, but I hope they continue tweaking the formula. There is a saturated, perfumed quality that emerges more with each sip. It wasn’t so off-putting that I couldn’t finish the can, but it was my first thought every time I had another sip. It helped that there was a perfect amount of effervescent bubbles.

The can says it takes effect in about 10 to 15 minutes, and sure enough, about 15 minutes into sipping, I did feel a shift in my body. It’s a very interesting come-up that feels like a little too much caffeine and a weed edible. The palms of my hands are a little sweaty, but my muscles and tendons are all relaxing.

As someone who generally eats edibles to relax, it’s hard to know where to put the energy that builds up after drinking a COUNTDOWN. However, once it has somewhere to go, it’s bound to be an efficient use of time. The meandering nature of a THC edible is quashed by the caffeine, creating a mix of creative weed energy and strident focus.

This would be an excellent addition to an afternoon spent weeding my garden beds or a perfect vibe for a long hike. I can also see how the drinks would be a nice vibe to bring to a jovial gathering, but I might feel it’s too much energy for an intimate setting.

A time and place for cannabis energy drinks

There’s definitely an appropriate time to try this cannabis drink. Those who dial in the perfect moment are sure to enjoy their experience with these cannabis energy drinks. After trying the trio of COUNTDOWN drinks, I’d love to see them continue fine-tuning the flavoring. It would also be excellent to have a 5 mg can. The cans say they are two servings, but saving half of a bubbly beverage in an open can for later is unlikely.

All in all, I’m a fan of these cannabis energy drinks. And if I’m saying that, I’m confident that anyone who likes energy drinks with an interest in cannabinoids is in for a good time with COUNTDOWN.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.