Godfather OG strain review

Godfather OG Strain Review

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Often called The Don of All OGs, Godfather OG is by far one of the most popular indica cannabis strains out there. This strain has been around for quite some time now, and it is as popular now as it was when it was first created. If you are somebody who needs help relaxing, needs some pain relief, and wants to calm down, then Godfather OG has many potential benefits for you.

Godfather OG is also the descendant of some pretty popular indica and high-THC strains. With flavors resembling Kush, spice, and grape, along with absolutely massive cannabinoid levels, you really can’t go wrong with Godfather OG.

Just like the Godfather movies were larger than life, so is the THC content of this strain. Thanks to the huge cannabinoid levels that this strain can feature, it’s ideal for seasoned cannabis veterans that know what they are doing. However, as a beginner, a single puff or two should be more than enough to make it feel like you’re living inside a movie. Just be sure not to cross the Godfather when you’re in there! 

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Key Takeaways

  •       Godfather OG is made by crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG. However, there are variants that use OG Kush and various other strains.
  •       Godfather OG may contain up to 28% THC.
  •       This is a potent indica strain that will most likely end up with you sleeping.
  •       It has potential benefits, including possible pain relief, acting as a sleep aid, and reducing nausea while also increasing appetite.

Where to Get Godfather OG Strain

If you’d rather have CBD instead of THC with a more subtle set of effects, check out this great CBD Godfather OG strain from Botany Farms. 

What is the Godfather OG Strain?

The Godfather OG strain is a very old strain that has OG Kush in its lineage (in case the name wasn’t a giveaway!)

Keep in mind that there are a few different methods of creating this strain, so exactly how far back in the lineage OG Kush is can differ from one specimen to another, something we will discuss further below.

However, the important takeaway here is that this is an extremely potent and high THC indica-dominant strain. Depending on the exact parent plans, it may be anywhere between 60% and 80% indica.

The bottom line is that this is a sedative strain that is going to produce a strong body high and put you to sleep. If you need something to help relieve pain and put you to sleep at night, this very high THC strain could be right for you.

Godfather OG Strain Appearance

Although the Godfather OG weed strain may not have an overly special appearance, you won’t be disappointed by its effects. Either way, the Godfather OG strain features nugs that are fairly long in nature.

They aren’t perfectly round or shaped like pebbles like many other buds are. Instead, they are elongated, kind of like spades or shovels. They are also quite loose and fluffy, not overly dense or compact, so you can squeeze them together a bit.

Furthermore, the Godfather OG strain is fairly light green in color. It has a few darker accents, especially where the sugar leaves are concerned, and it also has a few orange pistils or hairs.

You should see an extremely thick and prominent layer of those crystally white trichomes that contain those massive amounts of THC that Godfather OG is known for.

Godfather OG Strain Genetics

As mentioned above, this strain is mostly indica, and the effects are in line with this. As for the exact lineage, this can differ from one specimen to another.


The most common way to make Godfather OG is by mixing Alpha OG with XXX OG. XXX OG is a high-THC indica strain made by crossing XXX with OG Kush. Alpha OG is an OG Kush phenotype.

Godfather OG lists Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg as its ancestors. These legendary genetics are coveted for their potent nature and delicious terpene profiles.

THC/CBD Content

Depending on how an individual Godfather OG plant is grown, it may contain anywhere between 22% and 28% THC. Somewhere around 25% or 26% is fairly common. As you can see, it is a very high-potency strain. This is the type of cannabis strain that you’ll feel from the very first hit, and it’s going to hit you hard.

Due to the high THC levels, it’s certainly not ideal for beginners. If you are a beginner, start very slowly with just 0.1 or 0.2 grams. You don’t want to get paranoid or anxious due to the high THC levels. That said, for seasoned cannabis veterans and for anybody who needs something strong, Godfather OG is worth checking out.

Godfather OG Strain Terpenes

The Godfather OG strain contains a variety of terpenes that provide it with its classic flavor. One of the most dominant terpenes here is myrcene, which provides this strain with its herbal notes. Here, you’ll also get a lot of caryophyllene and humulene, which together bring spice and hoppy flavors to the mix. We will take a closer look at exactly what this strain tastes like further below.

Godfather OG Strain Effects

Because this is an indica strain, and due to its very potent nature, it produces a strong body high. The body high that you get from the Godfather OG strain is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

You will feel like you are melting and sinking down into your couch while simultaneously blasting off into outer space. 

You’ll likely feel very heavy yet also floaty, your limbs might feel a bit tingly, and pain should melt away right in front of your eyes. This strain should also make you feel extremely hungry and, not long after, knock you out.

Yes, it also produces a mental high but not merely to the same level as the body high. You might feel some mental relaxation, euphoria, and you’ll probably end up giggling and laughing at random things.

Godfather OG Strain Reported Flavors

There are a few flavors that you will taste here. On the inhale, you should be hit with grape, earthiness, and piney flavors, with woodiness and hops on the exhale. When you smell it, you should get a strong spicy, pungent, and earthy scent. 

Godfather OG Strain Growing Info

If you like to grow cannabis at home, Godfather OG is not overly difficult. It is resilient to changing conditions, but it prefers constant levels of moisture and sunlight. 

When grown outdoors, it should harvest sometime in early October, and when grown indoors, it should flower in about nine weeks. Godfather OG plants can yield up to 16 ounces under ideal conditions. The strain is available in auto flower seeds for people who prefer the ease of these genetics.

Strains Like Godfather OG Strain

If you are looking for something similar to Godfather OG, anything with OG or Kush in the name would be a contender. These include OG Kush, Bubba OG, Blueberry Kush, Lemon Diesel OG, and more.

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Final Thoughts

The key takeaway here is that Godfather OG is an extremely strong and potent strain that is going to knock your socks off. If you need something to help put you to sleep, stimulate your appetite, and maybe take away some pain while producing a very noticeable body buzz, Godfather OG is the way to go.

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