Stay on trend with the cannabis plant, find out how

how to style weed accessories

There was a time when the fashionable weed-loving crowd was forced to repurpose vintage cigarette accessories and makeup kits to store their cannabis and accessories. Now, as luxury cannabis shops continue popping up online and in stores, it’s time to start thinking about how to style weed accessories.

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Enjoy fine jewelry adorned with fan leaves or novel lighter storage as you express your love for the plant through personal style. Cannabis can also be styled into your interior, with functional pieces sliding seamlessly into the decor.

Plopping pot products into the look can feel too on the nose, but styling them into an outfit or space elevates the moment.

Personal style

From accessorizing your lighter to adorning yourself with cannabis jewelry, there are many ways to include the plant in your personal style.

Lighter accessories

Losing your lighter to a sesh feels like a stoner right of passage, but let’s stop normalizing the theft. Some cannabis fashion brands like Edie Parker have solved the problem in a fabulous way, by attaching a refillable lighter to a cute handbag. The Burn Bag, Crossbody, and Clutch have an integrated retractable lighter so you can supply the fire and also get it back.

If the Burn bags aren’t your style, consider a lighter cover. The best option is to have the little torch attached to you, but the second best is to make it easily recognizable and hard to pocket.

Antique lighter covers are weighty. They’re often made with metal and gem inlay, and the lighter pops right in. This be an iconic addition to your personal brand, when someone is passed that cover, it’ll be a sign you’re at the sesh. It’s also an easy way to get your lighter back from an unsuspecting high person who pocketed it.

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Styling a lighter cover means choosing one that fits into your personal brand. Vintage lighter covers come in all kinds of styles, but there are also new cannabis-centric designs available as well. The subtle gold statement Gold Weed Leaf embellished lighter cover from Blunted Objects is perfect for business professionals and on-brand Capricorns. The utilitarian will appreciate the Toker Poker, which has a Y2K feel, or the Honest Stashlight. For the maximalist, consider the Sackville Chili Pepper Lighter.

A lighter is a consistent cannabis consumer accessory, those who smoke weed often have them nearby. Style this weed accessory by giving it a touch of “you.”

Weed Jewelry

Cannabis jewelry styles a look, but finding the right line and piece is essential to make it fit cohesively with your essence.

High on Plants’ hot pink large leather cannabis leaf earrings can add to a loud look featuring patterns, bright colors, and interesting textures. The Jackie Mini, on the other hand, offers a more subtle nod to the plant. Those with a classic style searching for something beautiful and useful may find their ideal cannabis jewelry in The Tool necklace by Aquerone.

The key to styling cannabis jewelry is to wait for the perfect piece. Don’t jump on the first thing with a pot leaf on it. Instead, step back and survey the landscape. See what pieces are available, and take note of which pieces you continue thinking about. This narrows things down, and from there, buy what sparks joy.

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The fun thing about styling cannabis jewelry is that it takes the same eye as styling any jewelry. Take in the style from tip to toe and add or subtract pieces until you feel as good as you look.

Interior design

Styling interiors requires an eye for color and balance with a touch of personal flare. All of that and more is available in the realm of weed accessories. Including functional goods like consumption devices and ashtrays in cannabis interior design rather than hiding them away is next level, so let’s level up.

Smoking devices

For generations, stoners have hidden their bongs, pipes, and vapes away, but that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. The Yew Yew Mini Bong, Amitha Magritte Pipe, and Best Friend’s House Mimi show that bongs and pipes are art. The old-school crowd is screaming that functional glass has always been art, and that’s the truth. Now, there are additional luxury cannabis accessories to suit many styles.

Heady glass, ceramic bong, or sleek sculpture, now is the time to keep your piece clean and on display. Incorporate them into a styled bookshelf or mantle, anywhere that a sculpture or piece of art might fit. The piece can go beyond function and merge into style when seamlessly integrated into the interior design.

Stash Jars

Aesthetic queens love to have their grains and snacks in pleasantly matching storage displayed behind glass cabinets or on open-concept shelving. Classy broads have bar setups with vintage decanters displaying brown liquors and sipping glasses clinking ever so slightly as they hang below. Why can’t weed be stored in something equally as stunning?

Stash jars are a perfect style touchpoint for the stoner looking to create a vibe because everyone needs one, and they come in all sorts of styles. Go for a full kit and grab a maximalist Snugbox or minimalist Cubbi. Jars to hold individual products like an eighth of flower are also available and specially designed for the job. Figure out what kind of stash jar fits your lifestyle, and start hunting for the perfect one to match your aesthetic.


Luxury ashtrays are abundant thanks to decades of cigar and cigarette smoking. Cop a hefty crystal ashtray or a ceramic vintage one from a long-closed pub at the local thrift. Those who don’t get dopamine from the thrift shop can also opt for something new.

Houseplant, Seth Rogen, and writing partner Evan Goldbergs’ cannabis lifestyle brand has an array of stylish, memorable ashtrays available. Many of the Houseplant pieces fit well into a midcentury modern design, like the Standing Ashtray and the Ridge.

Hype boys might see their perfect piece in the HUF x Alien Labs collaboration incense chamber and ashtray. The removable lid makes it ideal for keeping the sesh out of sight, covering up the ash and roaches with the roof of the space shuttle.

Homes with rich colors and vibrant art might opt for the Glass Tabletop Lighter from Edie Parker, a glass tabletop lighter that stacks into a color-coordinated ashtray. This refillable lighter is a nice option for the earth-conscious, reducing plastic lighter consumption, and the style-conscious.

How to style weed accessories

From varying legality to sourcing the perfect product, the inclusion of cannabis can sometimes make things feel complicated. However, when it comes to styling accessories, don’t let the plant convolute the goal. Style the look or room as you normally would but with the inclusion of new types of products and an eye for cannabis functionality.

Choosing to make cannabis a part of your lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular; there’s no need to hide that from our personal expression. Welcome jewelry and cannabis accessories into your personal fashion, and regard gorgeous consumption tech as functional decor rather than something to be hidden away. It’s the new age, time to wear the plant on your sleeve.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.