GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in Oregon

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Oregon was an early adopter of adult-use cannabis, beginning rec sales in 2015. The state is known for having some of the best weed in the country thanks to its close proximity to the Emerald Triangle and dedication to the craft. But with so many incredible products to choose from, what precisely is the best cannabis in Oregon based on sales?

GreenState analyzed recent dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics to find the top-selling cannabis brands in Oregon. With tons of homegrown brands making the #1 spot, the Beaver State is the definition of cannabis community.

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Best-selling flower in Oregon – Pruf Cultivar


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Anchored in cutting-edge cultivation practices, Pruf Cultivar is a cannabis company known for its consistent quality. The brand has multiple award-winning varieties in its catalog, with Blue Apricot Sherbert #4 recently nominated for top strain in Willamette Week’s Best of Portland 2024 (the Grumpy Bananas looks pretty good too).

2nd place – Earl Baker

3rd place – Oregon Roots

Best-selling edibles in Oregon – Wyld


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There’s a reason why Wyld keeps popping up on GreenState’s cannabis rankings: the popular gummy brand offers a staggering variety of flavors and formulations, all offering consistent and potent effects. The brand recently launched a high-dose product called Wyld One, packing 100mg of THC in a single gummy.

2nd place – Gron

3rd place – Drops

Best-selling vapes in Oregon – Buddies


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Buddies Brand is a West Coast staple, offering a wide variety of products in Oregon, Washington, and California and recently expanded to Illinois. The company is best known for its vape cartridges and all-in-one vapes, especially the live resin and distillate + CDT. 

2nd place – Entourage Cannabis

3rd place –  Select

Best-selling pre-rolls in Oregon – Portland Heights


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Beloved for its infused blunts and moon rocks weed joints, Portland Heights seeks to set a new standard in cannabis for Oregon and beyond. The brand offers several flavors of its Sweets line, including Blackberry Diesel, Key Lime Kush, and Peach OG.  

2nd place – Benson Arbor

3rd place – Entourage Cannabis

Best-selling concentrates in Oregon – Bobsled Extracts

best cannabis oregon bobsled
Bobsled Extracts

Bobsled is a Pacific Northwest brand founded in 2015 that puts integrity and sustainability at the forefront. The straightforward dab line includes premium sugar sauce, live resin, and diamonds crafted for the cannabis connoisseur.

2nd place – Altered Alchemy

3rd place – White Label Extracts

Oregon may be an OG cannabis market, but the state’s innovation continues to impress. With a bevy of top-shelf local brands, Oregon is setting the standard for what the cannabis community looks like. With fair prices and fire herb, the Beaver State is one West Coast weed market continually setting the bar.

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