Bongs, pipes, and bubblers that pair perfectly with trending interiors

Cannabis interior design: person holds vase, pipe, and flowers

More Americans are open about consuming cannabis, building a modern society where intentional consumption is accepted. Whether it’s that CBD balm that helped with tennis elbow or the infused drink that a friend served at their barbecue, the plant has become a regular topic of conversation. People aren’t only talking about consumption, either. They’re incorporating it into every facet of their lives.

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More cannabis aficionados are investing in bongs, pipes, and vapes that don’t only fit their lifestyle, but their interior design style too. Not every person wants their bubbler sitting out on the living room table or displayed on their nightstand, but those who do may have considered how a piece fits into their space. To help everyone achieve their aesthetic goals, we paired some gorgeous cannabis pieces with trending interior styles.

Mid-century Modern

Hexa Tile by Farbod Ceramics


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The interior design style that had Millenials in a chokehold coming into 2020. Though it’s no longer trending, most mid-mod pieces are timeless. Mid-century modern is defined by simple, functional wood furniture pieces dating from the end of WWII to the mid-1970s. Iconic furniture marries geometric patterns, shapes, and contradicting textures. A pop of contrasting color can also be incorporated.

The Hexa Tile pipe by Farbod Ceramics is a hand-sculpted hexagon pipe made in the Netherlands. This pipe matches a mid-century modern room, from its geometric shape to the lovely Persian-tile-inspired crystalline turquoise glaze.


Purple Cow Pipe with Gold Spots by make good choices


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Maximalism excess is truly having a moment as mid-century modern choices slowly leave the chat. The hard-to-perfect, easy-to-mess-up style is as loud as California-grown OG.

Maximalists love colors, patterns, textures, collections, and, probably, “dopamine decor.” Think of the bold color choices and patterns of the 1980s coupled with evocative sculptures and a conversation’s worth of statement pieces.

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The Purple Cow Pipe with Gold Spots by make good choices embodies the “more is more” ethos. The bubbler is a perfect little purple calve with golden accents and a rose in its ear– the bowl is even heart-shaped. This Purple Cow would be an excellent adornment in a Maximalist space.


Land Yacht by Summerland


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On the other hand, is the elegant minimalism of Scandinavian design. Neutral tones, open spaces, and functional pieces define this style which was all the rage in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland in the 1950s. Scandinavian design will often feature wooden accents and maybe one rich, darker tone, which harkens to the theme of bringing the beauty and functionality of the natural landscape into the room.

Neutral, clean, Summerland pieces are perfect for this style–especially The Land Yacht. The shapely sculptural piece is hand-made with all-natural materials, aligning with “Scandi” values. Really, any Summerland bong or pipe would fit nicely into this interior design style, The playful but still serious vibe of The Land Yacht just felt the most appropriate.


Puffco Peak Pro


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These minimalist rooms often feature exposed pipes, concrete, metals, and brick. A well-done industrial space will use natural light and neutralized strikingly dark color palate in an open concept. Like Scandi spaces, these will play up the natural features of a home without glossing over them with bright color palettes or sensational decor.

The simple but powerful Puffco Peak Pro feels like a natural pairing for an Industrial living room. It has clean lines, comes in black, and sessions can be customized in the accompanying app. It is highly functional with a look to match the style, a good choice for an industrial diva.


Sackville Crystal Ball Pipe


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An eclectic home artfully combines multiple interior design styles in a personalized mish-mash. Bringing in industrial light fixtures, a mid-century modern credenza, and a maximalist gallery wall creates a layered, unique room that could only be called eclectic.

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The Crystal Ball Pipe from Sackville & Co. offers the right touch for any eclectic design. The perfectly round glass pipe comes with a matching stand, and it’s available in five equally gorgeous colors. Grab one in pink, yellow, black, or blue or the completely opaque limited edition silver Crystal Ball Pipe made in collaboration with Playboy.

To be honest, this choice could fit into a variety of spaces on this list, but that very versatility landed it here in the slot for eclectic homes.

Art Deco

Teal Bong by Yew Yew


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Glamour and dramatics were at their height in the 1920s when interest in Art Deco interiors peaked. Whispers of the gold accents, geometric patterns, and detail can be seen in mid-century and mid-century modern styles that followed, but the styles are quite different.

Art Deco spaces feature symmetry and sharp, aerodynamic lines. It includes intricate line art, layered shapes, and metal accents– gold, silver, or both together. The space will have a subtle but perceptible flow with eye-catching details. Yew Yew bongs are the perfect pairing.

The jewel-toned Teal Yew Yew bong would fit effortlessly into an Art Deco space. It has stunning lines that are both structured and playful. From the side, it has a classic bong shape (round on the bottom with a tube), but turn it head one, and the thing could slide right into a bookshelf. Is that a vase or a bong? Nobody will know.


Flora Bong by Wandering Bud


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This choice is a common one among cannabis lovers. Perhaps it’s the free-spirited approach of the style or the way it weaves multiple cultures together–kind of like the plant. Even if their current space doesn’t reflect it, almost every stoner had a Bohemian phase.

The Flora Bong by Wandering Bud uses texture and color just as an interior designer would in a Bohemian space. This piece was modeled after a crystal decanter, but made with clay the familiar design takes on a warmer quality. Tuck a daisy in the top and use this as a coffee table centerpiece or tuck it into the decor on the side of your mantle, The Flora Bong will fit right into a Bohemian oasis.

The days of hiding an obtrusive bong in a living room cupboard are gone, and now pieces are designed to be displayed. Proudly displaying bongs and bubblers is no longer just for heady glass collectors. Artists are making a bounty of design-forward offerings, like one-of-a-kind handmade ceramic bubblers. A bong or pipe can be an intentional piece of decor that nestles perfectly into space.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.