Fast food is going to pot en masse this 420

420 fast food deals

The munchies are a natural side effect of puffing most cannabis varieties. When weed gets tummies rumbling, fast food is often the answer. Around April 20th, more people than ever are getting a wicked hankering for something delicious.

Locals-only restaurants often have specials, like El Brewjo’s. The southern California pop-up burger spot will be smashing the El Crunch Daddy Supreme on 4/20. The burger is based on the similarly named legendary fast food item.


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But those in other locales don’t have to miss out on the noms, these beloved fast food brands have got something special on the grill in every state.

Jack in the Box gives back

Many are launching special deals for the high holiday, but Jack in the Box is also using the heightened visibility to give back. The Pineapple Express Shakes returns this year for $4.20. Grab one from April 19th to 21st, but that’s not all. Everyone’s favorite clown in a suit brought back the Pineapple Express Air Freshener.

The air freshener costs just $2, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Jack’s Community Grants, which distributes funds to nonprofits focused on educating, inspiring, and feeding young people. It is only available for a limited time and features a tropically scented Jack in the Box wearing a pineapple as a hat.

Jack in the Box has marketed to cannabis lovers for years. They were one of the first to acknowledge the natural connection between hitting the drive-through and smoking weed through marketing promotions and partnerships with weed icons like Snoop Dogg. But this year, lots of national fast-food chains are joining the party.

More fast food chains celebrate 420

420 fast food deals
Photo provided by Wingstop

Over at Del Taco, order eight snack tacos for $4.20, Friday to Sunday. Those caught hungry without a designated driver can skip the drive-through and enjoy a $0 delivery fee for any order over $15. If shakes and tacos aren’t the vibe, how about wings?

Chicken lovers rejoice: Wingstop created an all-new flavor for the weed weekend. The chain will bring back the Wingstop Hot Box, and this year, it’s sauced and tossed with T.H.C. sauce, or The Hot Chili sauce (weed free).

Aside from the special sauce, each box includes a chicken sandwich of the customer’s choice as well as an eight-piece of wings or three tenders. This special is available starting Thursday, April 18th until the 21st, or while supplies last.

Jimmy John’s goes above and beyond

Photo provided by Jimmy John’s

Sandwich giant Jimmy John’s ranks the highest this year with the Deliciously Dope Dime Bag. This offering differs from the others because it’s a full weed kit complete with food, merch, and cannabis accessories.

The Dime Bag contains a ham and provolone sandwich topped with jalapeño, Xtra oregano-basil, sliced pickles, crispy jalapeños, fresh-sliced lettuce, and tomato. Other snacks in the bag include a gooey fudge brownie, a pickle spear, and chips.

As for extras, those who pre-order their 4/20 gift will receive a Jimmy John’s rolling tray. Secret locations will have additional limited-run merchandise like the Deliciously Dope Tee. The Deliciously Dope offering is only available online from participating stores. Get one for $10 by using the promo code DIMEBAG at checkout.

420 fast food deals
Photo provided by Jimmy John’s

The 420 holiday isn’t about fast food; it’s about celebrating and honoring the gifts of the plant. However, it just so happens that one of those gifts is the munchies, and these specials oblige the cravings.

Those who can’t find local deals like El Brewjo or $4.20 Nug-sized sandwiches at a Cheeba Hut will find solace for their stoned energy at these national chains. And if fast food isn’t on the menu this year, celebrate how far the cannabis space has come. Started in the subculture, now we’re here.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.