Yes, cannabis hotels are a thing: Top 4/20-friendly resorts, hotels, and Airbnbs in the U.S.

Tired of bed and breakfasts? Try bud and breakfast. 4/20 friendly hotels have been sprouting up all over states where recreational marijuana is legal, and with cannatourism on the rise in the U.S., it seems like they are here to stay.

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But what does 4/20 friendly mean in the hospitality industry? And are these things legit?

We’ve got the scoop. Here are some of the top 4/20 friendly lodging options for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a “high” quality night in.

“4/20 Friendly” Meaning: What’s in a Name?

Before we discuss hotels, we should discuss what’s so ‘friendly’ about the term “4/20 friendly.”

4/20 friendly hotels differ from most hotels because they have designated spaces where guests are allowed to smoke marijuana, specifically.

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Usually, these spaces include the rooms themselves, which are private and don’t disturb other guests. But keep in mind that the policies may differ from one hotel to the next. While each of them allows marijuana use in some form, they might not allow it in the same places or form.

1. The Jupiter

There are hotels that allow marijuana and those that encourage it. The Jupiter Hotel is one of the latter.

This Portland, Oregon hotel is one of the mainstays of any Oregon cannabis outing. It offers a package that comes with vape pens, coupons to local dispensaries, and almost everything you need for a good smoke sesh, except the cannabis itself.

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They do, however, offer coupons to local dispensaries, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting what you need. After having a smoke, you can satisfy your munchies easily at one of the great restaurants in Portland.

2. The Winston House

This beautiful Airbnb has a few rooms, as well as a shared space where guests can mingle with each other. It’s also stocked with bongs, rolling papers, pipes, and other ways to blaze up.

The Winston House offers an excellent opportunity to experience the progressive hippie lifestyle that many dreamers yearn for. It’s not just about weed, either. The shared spaces also provide supplies for various hobbies, like art and yoga.

3. Desert Hot Springs Inn

The very first state to legalize medical marijuana and the sixth to legalize recreational use, California is home to some great 4/20 friendly hotels. Among the best marijuana-friendly hotels in the state is the Desert Hot Springs Inn.

Located in the aptly-named town of Desert Hot Springs near Palm Beach, this resort allows guests to smoke in their rooms and boasts an on-site spa, which offers mineral pools and a CBD oil massage.


With marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, businesses are tapping into its potential, including the hospitality industry. This has given rise to several 4/20 friendly hotels across the country. If you’re looking for a dope vacation in every sense of the word, these lodging options might be right for you.

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