420-friendly Airbnbs: Popular stays and how to find them

420 Friendly Airbnbs

Now that many U.S. states and Washington D.C. legalized cannabis, weed is attracting many tourists to states where it is legal.

However, most state laws require you to use cannabis on private property only, leaving visitors with two options: Light up in a hotel and hope you don’t get caught, or rent a cannabis-friendly Airbnb for your next vacation.

Owners of Airbnbs that label themselves as “cannabis-friendly” are totally cool with you using cannabis on their property.

But how do you find these Airbnbs? And what ones are most popular?

We got the scoop on how to snag one of these 420-friendly stays, and what ones you might want to look at first.

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How to Find 4/20-Friendly Airbnbs

First things first, how do you know if an Airbnb is 420-friendly?

The secret is in the search terms. Airbnb has no policy against the use and possession of marijuana on properties, as long as cannabis consumption is legal in the state in which the Airbnb exists (and the owners aren’t selling or gifting it on their property).

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With that being said, Airbnb doesn’t make it very easy to find these properties. For example, there are no cannabis filters when choosing a property. Usually, hosts will write “cannabis-friendly” or something similar in either the title or the description of the listing.

The best course of action to find an Airbnb that allows cannabis use is to conduct a Google search of various terms along with the word “Airbnb” and your desired location.

Some popular search terms include:

  • 420-friendly
  • Cannabis-friendly
  • Green-friendly
  • Smoking allowed
  • Marijuana-friendly
  • Smoking-friendly
  • Smoking
  • Mary Jane

Keep in mind that every property has different requirements. You’re likely free to take edibles and vape in the home, but some Airbnbs may require you to smoke outside. Always reach out to the property owner if you’re ever unsure.

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Popular 420 Airbnbs

To make the process easier, we made a list of some of the most popular Airbnbs that allow cannabis use. These Airbnbs are located throughout the country in areas where recreational marijuana is legal for adult use.

Rancho de Colores — Joshua Tree, California

This is a three-bedroom home located in the desert. The house is completely pink with rainbow colors adorning every inch of the interior and exterior. This house is also decked out with psychedelic art, creating a trippy experience for your Mojave desert getaway. The home also includes an above-ground pool, a fire pit, and more, perfect for throwing some “lit” 420 parties.

Cannabis Garden Apartment – Juneau, Alaska

This two-bedroom apartment is more than just a 420-friendly Airbnb—it’s also a grow house. But the property’s biggest seller might be the large back patio overlooking the Alaska wilderness. There’s a good chance you will see wildlife in the surrounding forests.

But don’t think this apartment is out in the middle of the woods. It’s centrally located in Juneau, surrounded by many restaurants and shops. The best attractions are either a walk or a short drive away. Keep in mind that the owners request you smoke joints and blunts outside.

Cannabis-Friendly Cabin – Harrison, Maine

If childhood summer camps are a fond memory for you, you’ll love staying at this cabin in Harrison, Maine. Located on the Crooked River, this Airbnb offers a variety of outdoor and river activities. The owner owns 17-acres of the surrounding forest where you can hike, fish, go mountain biking, kayaking, and more.

The home has a queen-sized bed, but your guests are more than welcome to set up their tents and camp outside. The home also has air conditioning and a shower house.


There are many 420-friendly Airbnbs that can give you the cannabis vacation of your dreams. By using these search terms, you can find affordable, cannabis-friendly lodging in Colorado, California, Nevada, and any other state where cannabis is legal.

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