What is cannatourism? Everything you should know about the newest trend in travel


The pandemic taught us that Americans love two things: the ability to travel, and weed.

Cannabis use in America increased by approximately 67% in 2020, as many parts of the country were facing lockdowns because of COVID-19. And an increasing number of states legalize cannabis every year. 18 states have already legalized recreational marijuana, and many more have legalized cannabis for medical use.

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It’s also well known that air travel almost immediately rises when COVID cases go down.

So, the business-owners of America have combined two things we love to bring something totally new to the tourism industry: cannatourism – vacations revolving around weed.

What Is Cannatourism?

The term “cannatourism” applies to any excursion, destination, or lodging facility where cannabis use is encouraged. On a cannatourism excursion, recreational and medical users alike may use cannabis openly, and being high is totally cool, man. These experiences may range from zen-like, yoga-oriented experiences in sunny California, to vibing on a cannabis ranch while enjoying tasty cannabis-infused cocktails.

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Another reason to try cannatourism? These experiences often provide complimentary cannabis products so that you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

One thing to note: you should only sign up for a cannatourism experience if it is located in a state where cannabis is legal for recreational purposes. You don’t want to give money to a company encouraging recreational use in a state where it’s not legal. California and Colorado are the most popular cannatourism spots right now.

Industry Growth

As previously mentioned, nationwide sales of cannabis products increased by a whopping 67% in 2020. It seems that, as people had more time at home, they began experimenting with the magic green plant.

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Dispensaries especially saw an increase in sales during the summer months of 2020, when much of the country was shut down.

The number of Americans supporting the legalization of cannabis is also increasing. The number was 66% in 2018 and now is at 68%. As more research is done on the benefits of cannabis products, people become more receptive to its positive benefits on society.

The hospitality industry is jumping on this new concept. 420-friendly hotels allow guests to stay in a friendly environment where their cannabis use is celebrated, rather than hidden. There are also cannatourism travel agencies that will help you plan the perfect trip.

Ski towns are a big destination for canna-tourism. Colorado was the first US state to lean into this idea. Their plentiful ski resorts are often surrounded by dispensaries and cannabis lounges, and there’s even a  420-friendly lodge in Winter Park with an airport shuttle service that will drop you by a dispensary on the way.

How Cannabis Tourism Is Dominating in the US Market

Cannatourism is taking the US by storm. The options are endless to enjoy this new trend.

Cannabis-infused restaurants are a great idea for those looking for a laid-back night out. Rather than sipping fancy cocktails, the idea is to get people together for a good high to enjoy in a restaurant setting.

Cannabis lounges are another popular feature of this cannatourism industry. These lounge-like spaces are often attached to dispensaries. Visitors can purchase their products and enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere- just like a bar of people enjoying a cocktail.

Cannatourism is most popular in California, to the point that it’s even giving wine country tourism some competition. The area is perfect for cultivating the product, and some cannabis growers argue that it is complementary to the wine. Many tourists visit wine country for cannabis tours as well as wine experiences.

Why So Popular?

The stigma around cannabis has been shrinking in the U.S. for years, but it took the increased number of cannabis users we see today to speed up the normalization of cannabis use to the point that cannatourism could become so popular.

Why did so many people start using weed? It’s likely a combination of the pandemic forcing people to stay at home more than they typically would, and the fact that many states have legalized marijuana in the past two years. New Jersey, Arizona, Virginia, and New York are all states that legalized recreational marijuana since the start of 2020.

Legalization not only works against the negative stigma society has toward cannabis, but it has also allowed more cannabis-related businesses to dip into the cannatourism industry.

Finally, many people reap major health benefits from their cannabis use, including chronic pain management and mental heal treatment. Medical marijuana users may be more comfortable on 420-friendly vacations that allow them to legally continue treatment.

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Whether you are looking for a romantic ski weekend, relaxing beach getaway, or a pacific coast cruise, any cannatourism experience is sure to, at the very least, be a vacation unlike any other.

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