Blazing new trails: cannabis experiences in Bangkok

Koko Sathorn cannabis experiences in Thailand

Thailand is a place full of wondrous food, drink, and relaxing activities to help keep a vacation holiday smooth and the thoughts of work and stress far, far away. Now, with the addition of cannabis, these options only got better and better! 

As a long-time visitor to the land of smiles, I can say that the medicated options springing up across Bangkok and the country have been quite delightful. I chose the highlighted locations in the region based on my experience, and there is no sponsorship involved. What I have in store for you are four experiences worth traveling to for the ultimate in medicated food, drink, and more.

MD-82 Cafe

MD82 plane cafe
The MD82 cafe is inside a decommissioned airplane Photo: Josh Freeman

Tucked down its own private drive is MD-82 Cafe, something out of an aviation stoner’s imagination. Walk past the giant metal Predator statue, and what you see will blow your mind. Parked on this lot is a complete McDonnell Douglas airplane with a full-service restaurant and bar inside that serves medicated coffees and cocktails.

As you approach, walk to the right side. There you will find the Terminal building, Gate A1. Upon entering, greetings are exchanged, and you can place your order for the inflight meal. The menu included options like pizza, traditional Thai, and other specialties. 

As far as the drinks, this is where the magic happened: medicated tea pot, coffees, and mocktails. With options to add up to four doses, 1 mg of THC per dose, you could really go wild on your flight.

Walking up the stairway into the plane, I truly felt like I was on the runway about to take off. As you board, everything is there, from the cockpit to themed serving carts and marijuana plants as decor.

Sitting in the airplane seats and watching the food come out really completed the experience. On my visit to MD-82, I settled for a single dose of cappuccino and a Hawaiian pizza—, because, in the air, no one cares if you like pineapple on your pie. I followed that up with a double-dosed blue margarita. 

an infused mocktail cannabis experiences in Thailand
A cannabis infused “margarita” at MD82 Photo: Josh Freeman

All the food and drink were amazing, with the margarita being both visually stunning and delicious. Since it was only 11 AM, I felt like my dosages would be fair, but I probably should have gone higher with my tolerance level. The flight attendants, who were dressed up for the part, were also extremely gracious and helped me translate a few things. 

Beyond just the cafe, they also have a dispensary, High Flight, ready to take care of your medication needs before or after the flight. They also have a massage shop, but at the time of visiting, they were not doing any medicated massages. Speaking with the owner, they are looking to expand to medicated dining options in the future, something I would be heavily interested in.

With its proximity to the airport, MD-82 Cafe should be on everyone’s itinerary, even if just for a short flight. 

Mooklada Traditional Thai Massage

mooklada spa cannabis experiences in thailand
Mooklada cannabis-infused spa Photo: Josh Freeman

It was late, and I was tired. I had been out to the Chatuchak or JJ market in the morning and then trudging around shopping malls in the afternoon. My feet were well beyond their point of resignation, and my calves were also feeling the pain. On a side street in Sathorn, I found salvation – at Mooklada massage.

Since I was staying down the road from their location, I had seen the sign the previous day. What caught my eye, however, was something not offered at other massage shops: CBD. While I’m not generally one for a massage (typically, I smile and say no thanks when it’s offered), this shop was different. No one was standing outside hawking; it was just a simple sign to bring people in. 

Once inside, you could see how nice this location actually was. With plush seating, beautiful decorations on the walls, and instant aromatherapy, I knew I had chosen correctly. Arriving fairly late, the staff was able to accommodate my need for a CBD foot and leg massage without question, which included four drops of the tincture at 1 mg a drop. While I didn’t expect this to make a big difference, I could honestly say I felt a fairly large decrease in inflammation and pain beyond what just the massage would have given me.

As I left more refreshed than I had walked in, I praised the staff and the location to no end. They had stayed late and even later for another guest that came in after me. If you’re looking to get the best in medicated massage, check out Mooklada. My only regret is not going for the full-body eight-drop CBD massage.

Merry Day Nail Care

cannabis experiences in thailand hemp spa menu
The “In Love With Hemp” spa treatments menu at Merry Day Photo: Josh Freeman

After meeting with a dispensary down the road and scouring for street food to cure my munchies, I came across Merry Day Nail Care. Not someone who generally patronizes these locations, I was drawn in by the marijuana leaves I could see on some of their products. How could cannabis and a nail spa be combined? I had to find out.

What I had seen outside turned out to be the “In Love With Hemp” option for a Merry Day Cannabis Manicure & Pedicure Spa. It was unfortunately too late for me to start an appointment, so don’t make my mistake and book a spot ahead of time. The treatment includes a full range of hemp and cannabis-infused products that work together for an amazing experience.

Products included Cannabis Leaf Powder Facial Mask, Cannabis Stem Powder Facial Scrub, Hemp Seed Body and Hand Lotion, along with Hemp Seed Bath oil and shower gel. So while I cannot give my experience here, I can say this will be on my list for the next trip. If you are down on Soi 31, make sure to stop by and check out Merry Day Nail Care.

Koko Sathorn

Koko Sathorn cannabis experiences in Thailand
A chef at Koko Sathorn prepares infused foods Photo: Josh Freeman

There are few things on this planet I love more than sushi, but cannabis might be one of them. Combining the two together is something I could have never imagined, but Koko Restaurant has been doing this for a while now in an omakase setting. Before coming, I had thought I had seen a lot of ways to infuse cannabis into food, but I was sorely mistaken.

Koko blew me away on the first dish, using a smoking gun to light up a bowl of cannabis and smoke the Kinmedai (Yellowtail) in a cloche before serving. Simply divine. Next was the Chawan Mushi infused with hemp and a speck of gold leaf. Decadent yet light and served with a tempura marijuana leaf.

Next came the Hamachi and the Shima Aji (Striped Jack) nigiri, both dusted in a cannabis powder and served back to back. Every dish handed over by the chef behind the counter combined or infused cannabis in a different way, with each one being more and more amazing. 

After the first two bites came an interesting challenge: the Akaebi nigiri came with two leaves of cannabis across the top. One bite! The chef said, pointing at me and then raising one finger before giving a thumbs up and smiling. 

A welcomed Hotate (Scallop) hand roll came next, with a crunchy topping that helped break up the soft textures that had come before. The chef commanded my attention again for the next dish, mimicking how I should eat it. Placing it on the back of my hand, I did as instructed and ate the Akami (Tuna) in one bite. Pulling my hand away, I could see the chef’s smile matched my own. This was a fantastic experience, making you happy in more than one way. 

Otoro or Fatty Tuna is always the course I most look forward to on any Omakase, and Koko took top notches for doing something I had never seen before. The chef opened up their grill, pulled blazing hot pieces of wood charcoal out, and began pressing the nigiri directly against the coals. This process immediately cooked the fish a bit, releasing some of the fat and charring the back for flavor like none other. 

From that high came probably the lowest-scoring portion of the meal for me, which was the Awabi (Abalone). This was served two ways, with the second including what seemed like a mango and salmon egg sauce. These were the only dips from perfection on the menu. The next dish was wagyu steak, egg yolk, noodles, and cannabis, all cooked together in a hot broth poured over the top. This dish was exceptional and something I plan to recreate.

infused food bangkok
Wagyu steak, egg yolk, noodles, and cannabis soup Photo: Josh Freeman

On the back end of the menu came the Madai (Red Snapper) soup. Delivered with a soup spoon of ground cannabis seasoning on the side to add of your own volition, which I dumped right in. Sumptuous pieces of white fish floating in a teapot of cannabis-infused broth that only heightened their clean flavor profile. Mild, sweet notes helped clean the palette of all the heavy flavors of the last dish and prepared you for the finale.

Finally, we had dessert, a three-piece set that included a square of Japanese-style sponge cake, a square of cheesecake, and a scoop of matcha ice cream. All three desserts were tasty and helped seal the deal on an amazing omakase experience. 

Unlike other medicated meals, I actually left feeling a buzz, both from the amazing meal and all the unique infusion methods deployed. Do not sleep on Koko Japanese Restaurant’s medicated omakase. It was easily one of the best meals I had in Bangkok and one of the best sushi experiences of my life.

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Josh Freeman