7 cannabis museums from around the world that celebrate the plant

cannabis museum in amsterdam

Cannabis is an incredibly curious topic. From plant anatomy to the history of weed culture, there’s plenty of knowledge to gain. And while tons of books, podcasts, and blogs are dedicated to everything Mary Jane, experiential education (especially after a joint or edible) just hits different.

As it turns out, cannabis fans worldwide have established several museums and exhibits celebrating the plant. Some resemble reading rooms, displaying vintage posters and newspaper clippings. Others are fully immersive experiences, complete with interactive activations and smoking lounges. 

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If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a day, you’re in luck. From coast to coast and across the pond, these cannabis museums offer a stoner-friendly path to learning.

The House of Cannabis – New York City

Featuring three floors and several multi-sensory exhibits, The House of Cannabis (THC NYC) encourages you to “get lost in high culture.” Located in Lower Manhattan, this over-the-top attraction explores multiple facets of the weed world, from how the plant grows to influences on music and fashion (don’t miss the breathtaking macro plant shots from Kandid Kush).

The lobby store is filled with curated goods and souvenirs and often has live glass blowing, so make sure to peruse prior to departure. The top floor is a consumption-friendly co-working and events space perfect for ending the day on a high note.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum – Amsterdam and Barcelona

As one of the oldest and most revered establishments dedicated to cannabis in the world, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum explores the past, present, and future of the plant. First established in 1987, the museum holds a dynamic permanent collection as well as temporary exhibits. 

Visitors to Amsterdam and Barcelona (two European hubs of cannabis culture) will want to check out the attractions again and again in order to see what’s new and pay homage to those who came before.

Cannabis Museum – Athens, Ohio

The Cannabis Museum, based in Southeastern Ohio, is a non-profit that “collects, preserves, and shares the history of cannabis use, culture, prohibition, and politics.” The curators have a particular interest in the myriad applications of the plant, from industry to wellness. The curated collection boasts over 10,000 items, including vintage marijuana medicine bottles, manuscripts, and other artifacts.

Planning a plant-themed soiree? The Cannabis Museum is open for private events and hosts a number of open celebrations throughout the year.

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Castro Castle – San Francisco

The Castro Castle may not be a cannabis museum per se, but you wouldn’t know that walking in. The home of the late activist Dennis Peron, often called “the father of medical marijuana,” is a shrine to the early days of cannabis compassion clubs in San Francisco. The walls are covered in photographs, fliers, and buttons memorializing Peron and other pioneers such as Brownie Mary.

The house used to operate short-term rentals. Now, visits are invite-only. However, local cannabis events have been popping up in the space, so if you find yourself on the guest list, be sure to show up.

Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum – Boston and Portland, Maine

Shining a light on prohibition and the journey to legalization, the Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum demonstrates the inequity and impact of American drug policy. The rotating exhibits highlight multiple facets of the war on drugs, taking you inside a jail cell, a garden, and beyond. There’s also a “cannfessional” providing an opportunity for guests to share their own cannabis stories.

The Boston location does not charge an admission fee, while the Portland attraction costs just $10. Exhibits vary, so make sure to check out both spots.

Cannabis Museum Zagreb – Zagreb, Croatia

Adult-use cannabis may be illegal in Croatia, but medical marijuana is permitted, and simple possession of weed is decriminalized. Hemp has also been grown across the region for decades. Paying homage to the country’s thriving canna-culture is the Cannabis Museum Zagreb. A modern and well-appointed attraction, the museum has five unique sections with plenty of IG-worthy backdrops.

The Cannabis Museum Zagreb also hosts workshops and classes designed to inform and educate Croatians and tourists alike about the powers of the plant.

Cannabis Culture Museum – Willits, California

Deep in the heart of the Emerald Triangle lives Richard Jergenson and his Cannabis Culture Museum. A collection 50 years in the making, the museum and archive holds a fascinating collection of prints, records, comics, magazines, and much more. Featuring artifacts from Mendocino and beyond, the story of American cannabis is on full display.

The Cannabis Culture Museum is currently open by appointment only, but pop-up exhibitions take place sporadically. If you find yourself in the area, reach out to schedule a visit.

Whether you want to educate yourself on the rich history of cannabis or are seeking a weed-friendly outing on your next vacation, plant-centric museums are a perfect pick. Just be sure to consume prior to arrival, as most, if not all, prohibit smoking within their halls.

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