GreenState cannabis rankings: top brands in Maine

best cannabis brands maine

Maine may only have a population of around 1.4 million, but the folks in this Northeastern state definitely love their weed. According to estimates, cannabis sales in Maine could reach upwards of $325 million in 2024—and that’s with limited licenses. But what cannabis brands are the most popular among Mainer consumers?

GreenState analyzed dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics spanning January to October 2023 to find the best-selling brands in The Pine Tree State. As it turns out, consumers in Maine love local brands. From flower to vapes, here are the top cannabis brands in Maine.

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Top flower in Maine: Landrace Cannabis Co.


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Landrace Cannabis Co. is a vertically integrated operator with four retail locations across Maine. The brand’s 10,000-square-foot cultivation facility rotates more than 35 varieties, including new varieties like Bananaconda and old favorites such as Lava Cake and GMO. Landrace Cannabis also crafts solventless hash for high-dose consumers, offering a little something for everyone.

Second place: Theory Wellness

Third place: Pot Deli

Top edibles in Maine: Highbrow

highbrow drinks best cannabis brands Maine
Fruit Punch infused drink from Highbrow Photo: Highbrow Cannabis

Infused drinks are having a moment, and Highbrow’s impressive sales prove it. The dispensary’s popular branded bevvies are sold in retail outlets across Maine, with various flavor options (the Pineapple Mango and Strawberry Kiwi look particularly delightful). In addition to their potent drinks, Highbrow also makes gummies and tinctures.

Second place: Glaze

Third place: Squier’s Specialty Edibles

Top concentrates in Maine: Ripple

ripple extracts best cannabis brands Maine
A selection of cannabis concentrates from Ripple Wellness Photo: Ripple Wellness

Offering coveted in-house genetics at several dispensaries in the state, Ripple Wellness is a patient-focused, family-run brand. Standout strains include Candy Shoppe and Second Breakfast, both of which offer outstanding flavor and potent effects sure to keep you going all day long.

Second place: Kind Farm Co.

Third place: Green Truck

Top pre-rolls in Maine: Paul’s Boutique


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With award-winning cultivars and an unrivaled commitment to quality, Paul’s Boutique provides some of the finest flower in Maine. The brand offers a seemingly endless list of choices for its pre-rolls, from straightforward multi-packs to single, solventless hash-infused bats. Paul’s Boutique even grows the highly-coveted Pure Michigan strain.

Second place: Landrace Cannabis Co.

Third place: Find

Top cannabis vapes in Maine: Rugged Roots

rugged roots vape best cannabis brands maine
Disposable cured resin vape from Rugged Roots Photo: Apex Trading / Rugged Roots

With a dizzying array of all-in-one disposables, pods, and 510 cartridges, Rugged Roots has a cannabis vape for literally any consumer. The brand’s cured resin varieties, which are available in a range of flavors and potencies, are especially popular. Thanks to the wide selection and terpene-rich flavors, Rugged Roots has the distinction of having the highest overall cannabis sales in Maine, according to Hoodie.

Second place: Select

Third place: Theory Wellness

Maine is a small yet mighty cannabis market with a consumer base loyal to its Northeast roots. With weed sales rivaling well-known local delicacies like lobster, Maine’s nickname could become the Pot Tree State.

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