Forget Ozempic, study reveals plant with weight loss potential

cannabis for weight loss

Cannabis has been known to do many things, like calm worries or create an appetite. Because some puffs of a joint often make people want to munch on chips, it’s often a surprise that one cannabinoid capable of staving off hunger. Recent research suggests it can do even more.

THCV is found in some strains in small quantities, like Durban Poison. However, as cannabis chemistry develops, more brands can isolate and utilize THCV in higher quantities. This has led to more interest, and thus more research on the possibilities of the cannabinoid.

The thing is, many who have tried THCV-heavy strains or products report feeling energized with a non-existent appetite. This has led to much coverage about THCV being a munchies-free weed, and studies suggest that cannabis consumers even have less body fat than those who abstain. That’s not all, either. A study published in Cannabis: A Publication of the Research Society on Marijuana suggests it can do even more.

Researching THCV and metabolism

This data suggests that by consuming an intentional amount of THCV and CBD a person may reduce their size and weight. The study centered on 44 adults, 31 women and 13 men, with an average age of about 50 years old.

Participants were split into three groups. Two were administered oral strips with different combinations of the cannabinoids once daily for 90-day periods to see how the ratios would impact metabolic markers and weight loss. The third group received a placebo. Group A was given a smaller dose of 8 mg THCV and 10 mg CBD, the larger measured 16 mg THCV and 20 mg CBD.

The group taking fewer cannabinoids lost about one to two pounds. Those consuming the larger quantity contained two to four pounds. The placebo group lost a pound or less. Statistically significant decreases were also seen in the size of the cannabinoid groups’ abdomens, systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterols.

Cannabis for weight loss

The results are statistically significant despite the small sample size. It is also listed as self-funded with no conflict of interest. With drugs like Ozempic making their way into households all over the U.S., low-harm alternatives are worth exploring.

Cannabis has long been touted as an ideal pre-game for loads of fattening foods. However, when isolated and dosed intentionally, it could do the opposite. THCV is a cannabinoid often praised for reducing appetite, but now it might even help people lose weight. The only way to know is to conduct more research and find out.

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