GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in Arizona

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Arizona has been a beacon of the Southwest cannabis market since adult-use sales began in January 2021. Retailers sold close to $1.5 billion in marijuana products in 2023 alone, and the industry has shown no signs of slowing down. With retailers red hot, you may wonder: what is the best cannabis in Arizona?

GreenState analyzed recent dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics to find the top-selling weed brands in the Grand Canyon State. From budget-friendly flower to an edibles giant, these are the companies raking in the green in AZ.

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Best-selling flower in Arizona – Find

find cannabis best cannabis Arizona
Find. Flower Photo: Curaleaf

With clean branding, a wide variety of SKUs, and a price consumers love, Find cannabis has become a favorite in AZ. The brand has literally something from everyone, from pre-rolls to whole flower eighths to ounces of popcorn nugs. Find offers an awful lot of bang for your buck, making it no surprise that the flower line is the top selling in the state.

2nd place – Abundant Organics

3rd place – Shango

Best-selling edibles in Arizona – Wyld


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Wyld is one of the biggest gummy brands in the country—and for good reason. Elegant packaging, real fruit flavor, and a range of cannabinoid formulations make the product both approachable and accessible. The consistent effects mean consumers keep coming back for more, something evident by the impressive sales number in Arizona and beyond.

2nd place – OGeez!

3rd place – Gron

Best-selling vapes in Arizona – STIIIZY

stiiizy best cannabis nevada
Cannabis pods from STIIIZY. Photo: STIIIZY

Another popular multi-state brand, STIIIZY has become synonymous with weed vapes since its inception. The company’s proprietary pod and battery system are touted for their durability and powerful draw, offering fans a smooth hit that keeps going and going. The dizzying amount of options also keeps consumers happy, with everything from cannabis-derived terpenes to high-end live rosin available.

2nd place – Select

3rd place – Timeless

Best-selling pre-rolls in Arizona – Jeeter


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Potent, popular, and particularly stylish, Jeeter has emerged as one of the most visible pre-roll brands on the market today. The small but mighty Js are coated in kief, offering a powerful buzz in a tiny package. Jeeter’s apparel line is all the rage, giving Cookies a run for their money. 

2nd place – Tumble

3rd place – STIIIZY

Best-selling concentrates in Arizona – Canamo

Founded in 2015, Canamo is a large-scale producer of cannabis extracts and vaporizers. The locally-owned company manufactures a wide range of concentrates, including badder, sauce, hash rosin, and much more. The top-shelf quality and affordable prices make Canamo a favorite among dabbers across Arizona.

2nd place – Grow Sciences

3rd place – Drip

Arizona is well known for its rich history, stunning landscape, and, now, its thriving cannabis market. Whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon or checking out the vast Sonoran Desert, check out one of the weed products on this list to make your time in AZ extra special.


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