Mandarin Cookies strain: weed to keep stoners freshly baked

mandarin cookies strain

The Mandarin Cookies strain is also called Mandarin Mints in some markets. Whatever the name, consider ordering a gram or more because it promises a mellow but pleasantly alert experience. Some sativa strains, like Durban Poison, have an intense euphoric impact. These weed varieties might inspire a deep cleaning, but that’s not the vibe with Mandarin Cookies. This is an uplifting variety that maintains some chill, making it easy on the anxiety.

Colorado-based Ethos Genetics created Mandarin Cookies in 2010 using Forum Cut Cookies and their own creation, Mandarin Sunset. The strain was easy to get right and smelled dank, so naturally, it became a hit. Now, Ethos sells seeds from the original line and other iterations.

Mandarin cookies strain, Cannabis cola alongside image of mandarin orange slices and chocolate chip cookie
Mandarin Cookies gets its name from its complex aroma and genetic lineage.

Mandarin Cookies V2 features more citrus and chunkier OG-like buds, and Mandarin Sunset R3 is more homogenous than its predecessors. Ethos describes the R3 seeds as terpene-heavy, trichome-covered, dense, long buds that grow well in most environments.

Selectively breeding Mandarin Cookies led to a stunning strain line with an arresting aroma and groovy effects.

Mandarin Cookies strain look, smell, and taste

Citrus gas is at the forefront of the Mandarin Cookies strain. These nugs are covered in trichomes and naturally grow with a green and lightly purple color.

The smell of Mandarin Cookies is brilliant and complex. It takes a few sniffs to sort through the aroma, but by inhale number three, two distinct smells may take shape. Sharp mandarin sits front and center right next to pungent sweet gasoline. There’s an air of pine on the back end.

Taste matches the scent with this weed variety but leans a bit more into the gas than the sweet citrus. The taste also brings out the pine, mixing the gas with an earthiness reminiscent of designer OGs.

Effects of Mandarin Cookies strain

The effects of Mandarin Cookies are a quintessential sativa-dominant hybrid, focused but chill. As the variety takes effect, the mind can feel jumbled as it adjusts to its altered state. But about fifteen minutes after consuming, the body starts to settle into the moment and buckles in for the ride.

This strain is a relaxed sativa—not too anxious but still providing a caffeinated vibe. The classic wide-eyed, tense jaw feelings are present, but the muscles and joints are settled and relaxed. The high lasts a few hours but isn’t too heavy or intense. People who aren’t into sativas but want to try something a bit lighter than the heavy indica strains they’re used to may appreciate the effects of Mandarin Cookies.

Mandarin Cookies strain, image of colas in front of gradient background
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Mandarin Cookies FAQ

Sativa hybrid Mandarin cookies is a delightful strain to smell, taste, and experience. Those who have tried it may have more questions. Here are the answers.

What does the Mandarin Cookies strain smell like?

The Mandarin Cookies strain smells like sharp citrus, sweet gasoline, and a touch of pine.

Is Mandarin Cookies indica or sativa?

Mandarin Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid. People say it feels about 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica.

How does Mandarin Cookies grow?

Mandarin Cookies is easy to grow in moderate climates that cool off just a bit in the evenings. It can thrive indoors or in greenhouses and flowers in 60-63 days according to Ethos. Once they flower, the colas are dense. Buds grow thick from tip to tail and are covered in trichomes.

What strain is Mandarin Cookies?

Mandarin Cookies is a cross of Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. It was created by Ethos, a Colorado-based breeder, in 2010.

Mandarin Cookies strain review

This cannabis variety is delicious to smell and lovely to smoke or vape before watching a game on a lazy Sunday afternoon or going to a social painting class. Whether they call it Mandarin Cookies or Mandarin Mints, those who get this strain are in for a delicious citrus moment that’s capped by a mellowed-out classic sativa effect. Even indica fans won’t want to sleep on this weed flavor.

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