We tried Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer, here’s the tea

Houseplant coffee by Cometeer enjoyed by Seth Rogen with a cheeky look

Seth Rogen-powered Houseplant hit the weed scene and immediately changed how stoners looked at their homes. The expanding line inspires people to take stock of the impact cannabis may have on their daily lives.

People like me, who start their day with a toke and a sip of java know all about that, in fact, the latest Houseplant collaboration with Cometeer was inspired by the ritual of the wake-and-bake. As a daily wake and baker and former coffee roaster, it became my mission to try the brews myself.

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Houseplant by Cometeer products with iced and hot coffees
Photo provided by Houseplant

“Our goal with Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer was to provide that same balance to both cannabis and caffeine enthusiasts alike. We discovered quickly that the Cometeer team is just as obsessed with their craft as we are with our own at Houseplant,” Michael Mohr, co-founder and CEO of Houseplant, said in a press release.

Wake and bake with gourmet coffee

Seth Rogen, who admits he drinks an exponential amount of coffee per day, heard about Cometeer from celebrity chef and Momofuku founder David Chang. After trying the world’s only flash-frozen coffee capsule, the famed actor was shocked at how much he liked it. Soon he and co-founder Evan Goldberg were testing flavors with the team.

“We easily found common ground testing and tasting with Seth and Evan, who quickly revealed themselves to be just as obsessed with coffee as we are, and landed on these two roasts that exceeded our high expectations,” Cometeer CEO and co-founder Matt Roberts shared in the release. “Now, we’re excited for Houseplant fans to experience the magic of Cometeer for the first time – a company focused on incredibly delicious coffee made impossibly convenient.”

Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer comes in two inaugural roasts made with ethically-cultivated beans. Fans of spiced, nutty coffees will enjoy the Get Roasted dark roast featuring a blend of Central American flavors. From taste to aroma, the blend brings an air of Mexican hot chocolate.

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Those who prefer their cup of joe with fruit notes should opt for the Been There, Done That single-origin Ethiopian medium roast. The beans hail from Yirgacheffe with notes of peach and orange sweet tea.

Powered by one-of-a-kind coffee technology

Sold on the flavors? No need to grab the Pure Over to brew a cup. As Roberts said, the capsules are exceptionally convenient. Coffee is shipped directly to customers in flash-frozen individual servings that somehow are as easy to make as delicious. This is thanks to the groundwork from Cometeer.

The company has perfected a precision brewing process. Each single-serving capsule is filled with a concentrate holding 10x the strength of a traditionally brewed cup. Immediately after brewing, the capsules are flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen, suspending the product at the maximum flavor.

Brewing a cup is as simple as defrosting a pod and adding it to around eight to 12 ounces of hot or cold water. The process is easy and versatile, seamlessly transforming into a hot Americano or iced latte. The partnership was just as seamless as the Houseplant and Cometeer teams value a delicious cup of ethically-sourced coffee.

Trying Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer

Both roasts are delicious and easy to brew, but each has its own place, in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed Get Roasted in a hot drink, while Been There, Done That made an excellent iced coffee.

The flavors were each delicious, and it’s mind-boggling that a pre-brewed coffee can taste so fresh from the freezer. However, the brewing experience is the most impressive part of the product. It’s truly so easy.

First, put the capsule in the fridge the night before drinking, or defrost it by submerging the closed container in boiling water. After the flash-frozen coffee is liquid again, pour it into hot or cold water, milk, or other liquid for an impressive cup every single time.

Seriously, every capsule made a banger drink, brewer error be damned. Cometeer takes out all the guesswork while solidifying the payoff: I had a delicious beverage every time.

Moving from ashtrays to coffee

Rogen and fellow Houseplant co-founder Evan Goldberg consume coffee and cannabis first thing to get creative juices flowing, according to Mohr, and coffee was a logical next step for the luxury lifestyle brand. When seeking a partner for the endeavor, Cometeer was a logical choice.

“Their attention to detail and commitment to elevating a seemingly ‘routine’ experience, like smoking or drinking coffee, was how we knew they were the right partners for us,” Mohr shared. “We believe that together, we’ve created a product that’s true to the Houseplant ethos: highly curated and top-quality.”

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Houseplant coffee by cometeer
Photo provided by Houseplant

Great coffee for everyone, stoner or not

The launch of Houseplant Coffee by Cometeer is one piece of the wake-and-bake launch. The homewares brand also has a Pour Over and Espresso Set available in the By Seth line, indicating the amateur ceramicist designed the piece before it was mass-produced for sale. Morning rituals are also supported by the brand’s Housecoat and Sleep Mask, complete with a tiny pocket sized for a lighter and joint.

Wake, bake, and be merry with the latest offerings from Houseplant made possible by the coffee experts at Cometeer. Get a pack of 32 today on the Cometeer website, or sign up for a subscription and have them delivered every four weeks.

After trying them myself, I agree with Seth Rogen, who ended a recent promo video by drinking a sip before concluding, “It’s really f*cking good.”

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.