GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in Washington

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Washington has been a beacon for the cannabis community since the state became one of the first to legalize adult use a decade ago. Sales have remained steady, with consumers of all types flocking to the Evergreen State’s many dispensaries. Many of the biggest brands have been around since the jump, providing a local flair starkly contrasting the multi-state operators dominating other markets. But what is the best cannabis in Washington?

GreenState analyzed dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics from February 2024 to see which weed companies reigned supreme at retail. From OG players to nationwide brands, these are the brands leading the pack.

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Top-selling flower in Washington – Phat Panda


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Phat Panda was one of the first licensed flower producers in Washington. The brand has grown from humble beginnings to become a behemoth in the Pacific Northwest, working with dozens of partners and retailers. Phat Panda is synonymous with Washington weed, offering fan favorites like Blue Dream and Cheetah Piss along with local exotics such as the aptly-named Bike Wreck.

2nd place – Legends

3rd place – Lifted Cannabis

Top-selling edibles in Washington – Wyld


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One of the biggest gummy brands in the country, Wyld has asserted its dominance in the edibles category with its wide range of formulations and pretty packaging. Crafted from real fruit and naturally derived flavors, these high-quality confections are both tasty and effective. The company creates products for every use case, from focus to sleep, meaning there’s a Wyld for any occasion. 

2nd place – Green Revolution

3rd place – Ray’s Lemonade

Top-selling vapes in Washington – MFused

Combining sleek hardware, potent oil, and a long-lasting battery, MFused vapes have created a real recipe for success. Washington consumers love the brand’s premium liquid diamonds extract, available in several top-shelf strains. MFused also offers minor cannabinoid vapes, such as THCV and CBN, meeting pretty much any consumer need.

2nd place – Micro Bar

3rd place – Crystal Clear

Top-selling pre-rolls in Washington – Phat Panda


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The overall top flower brand in Washington also happens to come out on top in the pre-roll category. From dogwalkers to infused bats, Phat Panda does it all. The company’s premium joints are seemingly everywhere, available in singles as well as multi-packs. Consumers love the affordable price point, smooth smoke, and endless variety of strains.

2nd place – 2727 Marijuana

3rd place – Stingers

Top-selling concentrates in Washington – Oleum Extracts

There’s no doubt that Washington cannabis fans love their dabs. Oleum Extracts has been keeping rigs full for years, creating top-shelf concentrates in a range of consistencies. Top selections include honey crystal, live resin, and the always impressive wizard stones. No matter what you choose, with Oleum, every jar is a winner.

2nd place – Forbidden Farms

3rd place – DABSTRACT

Washington may be one of the OG cannabis markets, but their dispensaries are still filled with the latest and greatest. Whether you’re perusing Pike Place Market in Seattle or skiing in Leavenworth, there’s Washington weed for every moment.


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