Red Velvet strain: decadent, delicious weed

red velvet strain

Dessert is royalty in the current cannabis strain game, and the Red Velvet strain wears a crown. Since the introduction of Girl Scout Cookies, cannabis consumers have been given sweet weed treats galore, from Apple Fritter to Ice Cream Cookies. This branch of strains draws attention from consumers who enjoy a complicated aromatic profile but also canna-curious newcomers interested in the syrupy names.

The hybrid flower comes from an impressive genetic lineage that traces back to two California-born brands. Much like red velvet cake, the Red Velvet strain inspires awe from those who can get their hands on it. It’s impressive all around.

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Origins of Red Velvet

Red Velvet was initially popularized by Cookies. It was created by Grandiflora Genetics. Both brands were born in the California Bay Area, the home of many beloved strains. These candied cannabis varieties are built by fan favorites.

This hybrid weed strain is a cross of indica hybrid strain Lemon Cherry Gelato, also called LCG, and hybrid Pina Acai. Lemon Cherry Gelato is the child of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, but the story of where Pina Acai comes from is cloudier.

The genetics of Pina Acai are unknown, though some believe that one parent is Grandiflora’s Pineapple Piss strain. However, this hasn’t been confirmed. What many have established is who have smoked it is that Red Velvet cannabis is a worthy descendant.

Red Velvet aroma and look

Each layer of the Red Velvet strain screams of decadent cake, from the creamy cocoa notes to the dense, sparkling flower. Red Velvet weed backs up its name with an aroma and taste reminiscent of a moist red velvet slice with cream cheese frosting.

This hybrid strain grows in forest green flowers with tufts of brown-orange hairs. The nugs are dense and produce a pointed but robust bud structure. Red Velvet strains also have good trichome coverage, with sticky sparkles throughout. Hyline Nursery shared a Red Velvet cola with dark purple fan leaves and flowers, showing another expression of the complicated cannabis strain.

Few types of weed smell like the Red Velvet strain, which can contain high amounts of many kinds of terpenes. This weed variety can contain a complex terpene profile, like this one from a Florida Cookies shop. The flower contains a notable concentration of caryophyllene which gives off a black pepper scent, and more. The flower also has relevant amounts of citrus-forward limonene, hoppy myrcene, pinene, woody-spiced humulene, floral linalool, and musky fruit of trans-nerolidol.
Most strains have three or four dominant terpenes, but having this many is extraordinary.

Chicago, Illinois cannabis reviewer THEE CERTIFIED SMOKER shared that a version grown by Revolution didn’t have a strong scent but delivered two-fold in flavor. A strong flavor is no surprise with a strain testing with so many terpenes; only a baked cake could contain this intricate combination of scents and flavors.

Effects of the Red Velvet strain

Red Velvet cannabis has heavy-feeling hybrid effects, matching the indica hybrid and even-keel lineage it comes from. Consume enough of this weed variety, and it can feel like a straight-up indica strain, but that also depends on the batch, grow methods, and so much more.

Right after inhaling the flower, extract, or vape pen, Red Velvet may feel heady and present. Someone who has just toked on this hybrid weed strain might be chatty and giggly, but that eventually settles into a more heavy, relaxed feeling that is great for watching stoner-certified cartoons.

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red velvet strain

The body effect of Red Velvet is reminiscent of its predecessor, Sunset Sherbet. Both strains may create a tingly feeling that may be compared to being hugged by the stars. Cannabis varieties that have this coveted tingle are often good for setting the mood.

On the flip, in the wrong setting or headspace, Red Velvet may cause mild paranoia or anxiety. If that happens, grab a glass of water and a comforting snack, and cozy up with a familiar show or album. Practicing deep breathing in a safe space is worthwhile when a strain pricks up anxiety or paranoia. Red Velvet won’t always cause side effects, but it’s important to be prepared.

Red Velvet strain grow guide

This cannabis variety is a showstopper in the grow room with dense colas with the potential to grow a rich, purple hue. The hybrid flower needs a quick veg before it’s ready to go to flower, which lasts about eight to nine weeks.

Plants stay about medium-big, not stretching too much. This makes Red Velvet strains a solid choice to grow inside. Those who choose to grow Red Velvet can expect an average yield of about six ounces.

Growing Red Velvet is worth a try for anyone who loves a purple cannabis flower, or a robust terpene profile. Keep an eye on the trichomes to harvest weed at the optimal time, and check in with the Budding Botanist for ongoing grow tips.

Red Velvet strain frequently asked questions

People have tons of questions about the difference between red velvet and chocolate cake, and people are curious about the Red Velvet weed strain, too. Whether they’re wondering about the effects or subsequent hybrids born from the variety, here’s the extended Red Velvet strain FAQ.

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Is Red Velvet indica or sativa?

Red Velvet is an indica hybrid strain with a body effect. It also creates a giggly headspace..

What is Red Velvet Runtz?

Red Velvet Runtz is a hybrid that crosses the Red Velvet strain with the popular weed variety Runtz.

What are the effects of the Red Velvet cannabis strain?

Red Velvet may feel heavy and relaxed but a bit giggly and aware. Many report a tingly body sensation. However, the effects depend on the person. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system that will impact how a strain feels.

Does the Red Velvet strain taste like Red Velvet cake?

Red Velvet cake has a chocolatey flavor with cream cheese frosting. Some say the cannabis strain of the same name has these attributes. There are reports that Red Velvet cannabis has a spiced cinnamon candy flavor. Others claim it evokes a creamy frosting flavor with cocoa notes. The flavor is on the tongue of the beholder, but one thing people agree on is that it tastes good.

All about the Red Velvet strain

It’s no wonder that the Red Velvet strain captured the attention of dessert lovers and savory savants. This cannabis variety has a unique terpene composition and grows gorgeous purple plants with buds that sparkle with trichomes.

Toke on Red Velvet to experience a coveted body high that tingles away. The mind releases daily stress but maintains enough presence to get the giggles. This is a fun variety for a cozy night in or a movie with friends, but make sure to have some water nearby for cotton mouth.

Red Velvet is a showstopper like the cake of the same name, with jaw-dropping color and an impressive flavor. Beginner or connoisseur, this is a weed strain to try.

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