I tried Mary & Jane THC kanna melts and it was all sunshine

Fewer people are consuming alcohol than ever. This has contributed to more interest in alternative relaxation methods. Cannabis obviously takes up some space in this category alongside innovative legal mushroom gummies and euphoric herbs. Another rising star in the space is kanna.

Mary & Jane just introduced Sunny, a melt combining this relaxing plant medicine with hemp-derived cannabinoids–and I got to try some.

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Photo provided by Mary & Jane

Feeling Sunny with kanna & THC

Kanna is a succulent plant found in southern Africa. It has been prepared and used in ceremonies for generations. In recent times, it’s found its way into the western wellness world.

Products like KA! Kanna Chews are bringing more attention to the compound, and it even inspired my latest legal mind-altering product review. Since it is a serotonin inhibitor, anyone taking prescriptions (especially mood-altering SSRIs and similar pharmaceuticals) should consult with their doctor before trying kanna.

Mary & Jane co-founders Rachael Dillon and Laura Roos shared more with GreenState about introducing a brand-new product to the market.

“I first read about kanna in a newsletter from CAP Beauty,” Dillon divulged. “They described the herb as being known for ‘its ability to promote happiness’ and ‘to encourage a light mood and spritely spirit.’ I’ve always been curious about new herbs and supplements, so I decided to give kanna a try.”

Promote happiness and encourage a light mood, it does. I ate one with a full stomach and equal parts black coffee and water in my system. I swear, in just a few minutes, my heart started to spread into a serene pool, and my fingers got a little floaty. By the 15-minute mark, I was fully vibing.

At the floaty finger portion of the come-up, I started to get worried that I was about to be more out of my head than I had planned. However, the floaty feeling lasted only five to ten minutes, and then I was on the road to smiles and a mellow mood.

As an anxious, generally clenched-up person, kanna is a gentle reminder of what it means to truly live relaxed. And this was by design.

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Photo provided by Mary & Jane

Creating Sunny kanna-bis melts

Sunny creators were set on finding a happy hour replacement for their preferred glass of wine. They wanted to create something that was relaxing, promoted a good mood, and provided a bit of energy. These goals made kanna and cannabis a natural pairing, which became obvious as the co-founders tried the first samples of their proprietary formulation.

“Laura and I both have little kids, so the after-work hours are usually pretty chaotic. But everything seemed so much easier with Sunny,” Dillon described. “We felt happier, more present and more patient. It was almost opposite of the effects we would experience when taking a typical edible or gummy, which tended to lean more in the direction of lethargic.”

The melts are as mind-altering as a cup of coffee–noticeable but not taking me out of the game. This combination of one mg of THC and a proprietary amount of kanna helped me feel the relaxing properties without any edge. As a regular cannabis consumer with a medium tolerance, I enjoyed the small dose for a highly functional experience, but people can stack up melt, eating more than one for a higher dose.

Because of this, Sunny speaks to consumers on both ends of the spectrum, according to Roos.

“Heavier cannabis users appreciate the uniqueness of the effects and the ability to dose up,” Roos shared. “Those newer to cannabis love the ability to start ‘low and slow.’ And people trying to reduce alcohol consumption feel more energized and social, delivering more benefits than a typical mocktail.”

How I liked Sunny kanna melts

My experience with Sunny was all positive, even as it wore off. The KA! kanna chew felt a little more intense than this one, which was exactly as described: simply sunny. That’s definitely a feat in Washington state in January.

I felt comfortable parenting. After two hours, driving was no big deal either. However, this was my experience. Everyone should try the product themselves before assuming this is how Sunny will affect them.

There weren’t many negatives, but there are some things to note. First off, the product does not melt quickly under the tongue. I think mine took about five minutes, but I ended up chewing it. As for staying focused, it worked at first. I stayed keyed into a task and did great work, but when it came time to shift to a new task, that was harder. Have a plan before dosing if you want to get stuff done.

In a stressful world it’s nice to have a ripcord to relaxation–this kanna product is just that. Sunny days are likely ahead for those who enjoy Sunny kanna melts.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.