Sunset Sherbet strain review: all you need to know and more

Sunset Sherbet strain

There are innumerable amount of cannabis strains, like the Sunset Sherbet strain, Peanut Butter Breath, and Cherry Pie, to name a few. This massive selection can complicate shopping, but that’s where budtenders come in. Speaking of which, the aforementioned Sunset Sherbet (aka Sunset Sherbert or Sherbet) is one I truly enjoyed selling as a budtender as much as I enjoyed rolling it up.

The fruity cannabis strain was created by Mr. Sherbinski, founder of Sherbinskis and developer of the coveted Gelato. Sunset Sherbet is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Though some exotic weed heads have continued hunting the likes of Hawaiian Snow and Jelly Roll, Sunset Sherbet continues to earn its space in the lineup of many connoisseurs.

The staying power of this indica-dominant hybrid is no surprise since the buds are stunning, with effects to match. This is clear after you break down the basics of Sunset Sherbet.

Sunset Sherbet strain: the look

This sweet berry cannabis variety produces sparkling purple buds. Most of my experience with Sunset Sherbet flower is with a since discontinued cut from Cascadia Gardens. I’ve also been dabbing diamonds of the strain from Cold Smoke by SubX.

When it comes to the flower, Sunset Sherbet is impressive. Every time a new batch of eighths arrived packaged for sale, there were multiple containers with big three-gram deep purple nugs absolutely blasted with trichomes. I loved showing this to the customers because it was immediately dazzling. It has a pretty epic terpene profile, too.

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sunset sherbet strain
A cannabis flower featuring bright pink pistols. Photo: Kyea Mofire / Getty Images

How does Sunset Sherbet smell and taste?

The look of Sunset Sherbet buds is dazzling, and the aromatics deliver, too. A whiff of this indica strain brings me memories of cool, moist soil with an air of blackberry bergamot. The strain flavor continues this essence, emphasizing the earthier notes over sweetness.

Many reports indicate that caryophyllene is a prominent terpene in this cannabis strain, with limonene and myrcene following it up. The complex aroma is pleasant and translates well into the flavor profile. It’s all been good so far, and it’s leading up to my favorite part: the effects.

Effects of Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet effects have been heavily indica dominant in my experience, with a full body buzz and mellowed stress and anxiety. Many report the strain to be 15% sativa and 85% indica.

I loved selling this so much in my budtending days because I had the perfect analogy for what the first few minutes after smoking Sherbs felt like. Once you blow out the smoke, it almost feels like getting a hug from the stars. At least the one from Cascadia Gardens did.

For me, the strain sends prickles through the skin, what I imagine it would feel like if my aura was gently vibrating. This wasn’t as prominent in extract formation, but the diamonds did bring the rest of the delightfully relaxing effects I was expecting. This includes a settled mind. I was as cool as a cucumber rather than anxiety spirals.

With how well Sunset Sherbet relaxes me, it may be worth exploring for cannabis patients seeking relief from a general anxiety disorder or stress disorder. It is the perfect strain for me as someone who consumes cannabis for anxiety, stress, overstimulation, help sleeping, and appetite stimulation.

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Sunset sherbet strain
A shop assistant shows a jar containing the cannabis variety Blue Sunset Sherbert in a legal marijuana shop called wonderland on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, Thailand.
Thailand completely legalised the production, sales and consumption of marijuana related products in June 2022. Photo: Andy Soloman / Getty Images

Sunset Sherbet FAQ

Sunset Sherbet is an indica cannabis variety that may be helpful for people seeking relaxation, stress relief, and more. Here’s the lowdown on some commonly asked questions about Sunset Sherbet.

Is Sunset Sherbet an indica or sativa?

Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant hybrid, clocking in at 85 percent indica and 15 percent sativa. The strain experience may be heavy, often inducing a full body high and mental relaxation.

What is the THC content in Sunset Sherbet?

Based on test results of past batches, Sunset Sherbet’s THC content ranges from 18 to 25 percent. The THC level of cannabis flower varies based on factors like genetics, environment, and more.

What does Sunset Sherbet taste like?

The flavor profile of this weed variety is like taking a walk through a ripe blackberry patch, with notes of wet earth and sweet berries in the smell and taste.

Is Sunset Sherbet strain exotic?

Whether Sunset Sherbet is exotic is in the eye of the beholder, but some might deem a strain bred using coveted parentage with an impressive flavor profile exotic.

Sunset Sherbet strain: the final word

This strain is one that I love to buy whenever I see it, and fellow lovers of heavy-bodied purple cannabis flower will most likely agree. Those with access to Sunset Sherbet should savor it, and others posed with the opportunity to try it should consider it. Perhaps I’m biased since it’s one of my all-time favorites, but Sunset Sherbet is worth trying.

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