Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus brightened our day

Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus

The Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus up the style factor.

Vape pen leader Bloom Farms has updated their premium disposable vape pen. Now available across California, the Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus brightened our day with a stylish package, and a premium cannabis extract in a super-easy delivery mode.

Leaving smoking behind, vaporizers use electricity to turn cannabis extract into an aerosol that you inhale. You just draw on the tip to actuate the Highlighter Plus, which emits tasty, light, but highly potent puffs of cannabis vapor. Just a single puff is often enough for most folks who prefer vape pens for their lack of odor, and easy discrete uses.

The Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus comes in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties that provide sedation, energy, or a balanced effects, respectively.

Each pen contains a half-gram of high-quality oil that’s been more refined to remove impurities compared other extracts on the market. It’s integrated ceramic heating element promises a cleaner heat than less sturdy metal competitors. At 87 percent THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis — the oil is plenty potent for regular consumers. We loved the clean, sweet premium hybrid oil taste, which went down smooth and created a near-instant, relaxing feeling of wellness.

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Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus

Bloom Farms Highlighter+a
  • Price: $55 (for the cartridge)
  • Type: Extract
  • Cannabinoids: THC, Strong, Hybrid
Easy draw

Just slightly inhale on the mouthpiece to trigger an easy flow of cannabis vapor.

Easy on the eyes

The stylish precision-etched stainless steel body keeps pace with the times.


The steel pen body is sturdy and survives a trip in your jeans pocket, jacket or bag.

Missing feedback

Wondering if this pen's on? So were we, because we can't see the LED light on the bottom of the pen. You can feel the vapor on your throat, but more feedback would better help users control dosing.

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