Black Mamba strain: genetics, aromatics, and effects

Black mamba strain: snake over cannabis nug

Many strain names describe how a puff could make a person feel, and the Black Mamba strain is no different. This relaxing cannabis variety may knock you out as fast as a bite from the African snake of the same name.

Those who seek to unwind after a long day, chill out with a bowl of popcorn on movie night, or get a headstart on falling asleep might want to ask their budtender about Black Mamba. Read on for all of the details on this indica cannabis strain.

Black Mamba Strain

Black Mamba Family Tree

There are five possible varieties of Black Mamba on the market today. Many believe Snow High Seeds created Black Mamba. This variety is made with Vietnam Black and Black Congolese parentage. But it is hard to find these seeds online, and the formerly active Instagram account hasn’t posted since 2022.

Exotic Genetix also has a strain named Black Mamba made from Mint Chocolate Chip and The Cube. The next three possible genetics have unknown origins but have been considered as the parents of Black Mamba online and in cannabis circles. One of the most popular of the parent combos is Black Domina and Granddaddy Purple, followed by Critical Mass and Skunk, or Blue Bubblejuice and Domina.

Each of these varieties of Black Mamba will be slightly different. This review is based on the Black Mamba flower from Saints in Washington state.

Black Mamba Strain

Black Mamba strain looks and smells

From the enchanting colors to the unforgettable smell, Black Mamba provides an enjoyable sensory experience from every angle. Flower from Black Mamba plants grow a deep green with dense, tightly wound buds.

Green leaves throughout the bud are tipped with dark, rich purple tones. Forest green and purple hues are joined by a complex but familiar scent. A tart, fresh grape aroma is equally matched with a sweet cedarwood smell. This combination fills the senses with a rush of sweet and sour.

Effects of Black Mamba

The effects are less complex than the smell of Black Mamba—it is simply chill and relaxing. Like the look and smell of Black Mamba, these effects make an impression.

Just moments after inhaling the cannabis strain, muscles may relax with complications in the mind unfurling. After the high settles in, a case of the giggles is equally possible as a bout of the munchies. This cannabis strain delivers classic indica-dominant effects with deluxe hybrid aromatics–a great combo.

This marijuana strain often tests high in THC, and it may cause anxiety or paranoia. This review is based on a Black Mamba strain that tests with 27 percent THC. Take this one slow on the first few tokes to learn how the intense effects are.

Details on growing the Black Mamba strain

The Black Mamba strain is a moderate to expert-level plant to grow. It requires a lot of patience and hands-on time during the flowering phase. A grower trying their hand at the Exotic Genetix Black Mamba reported flowering in nine weeks, yielding 37 grams per plant.

Other sources claim flowering takes as long as 13 weeks. Check the seed package or ask the grower who provided the clone before cultivating this cannabis strain rather than online diaries.

The final word

This cannabis strain is an indica lover’s dream. It inspires the ultimate chill vibes that people who love classic, relaxing effects cherish. Black Mamba cannabis is worthy of someone who wants to have a giggly game night or needs some help finally relaxing after a hectic work week.

The Black Mamba strain is one to remember and should be snagged off of dispensary shelves whenever possible.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.