I tried three of the newest cannabis devices: here’s the verdict

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With innovation happening at lighting speeds, cannabis devices debut regularly. It’s always a treat to see the research and development evolve when it comes to weed consumption; as a writer on the front lines, I’m often blessed to be among the first people to try new tech.

In the last couple of months, several new and unique products have come across my desk. From updated versions of modern classics to contemporary ways to enjoy vape carts, there’s a little bit of everything. Here are my initial thoughts on the latest cannabis inventions.

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Puffco Peak Pro


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In honor of the brand’s 10th anniversary last month, revered device maker Puffco released an updated version of their flagship Puffco Peak Pro. I’ll admit that when I first saw photos of the gadget, I was a bit skeptical: what could they have possibly done to improve on the design of this e-rig? However, once I had the new Peak Pro in my hands, I was thoroughly impressed.

The latest iteration comes standard with Puffco’s 3D chamber, which heats up on the sides as well as the bottom. This ensures the oil within vaporizes evenly. The updated joystick carb cap is also a treat, providing air flow from multiple sides while serving big gamer vibes. 

Air flow is also improved in the glass itself, with the new Peak Pro featuring five vapor slots instead of the standard two. This means bigger clouds and better hits. 

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Speaking of which, the Puffco app recently added a vapor control module to its customizable heat profiles, alongside the standard temperature, session length, and color. I wasn’t sure how much of a difference this new feature would make, but I did find the clouds were milkier when I turned the dial up.

The price of the new Peak Pro is (appropriately) $420, not a surprise for the Apple of cannabis hardware. In this economy, it may be tough for some consumers to justify the expense but for hardcore concentrate fans, the upgrade is worth it.

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Davinci ARTIQ


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For folks who want a smoother, more refined hit off their vape cart, the ARTIQ from Davinci delivers. The new product is built upon the design of the flagship IQ dry herb vaporizer. The sleek 510 cartridge battery actually cools down the vapor through an extended air path.

The device works like this: slide the cover off, and attach a standard 510 cart via the included screw-on magnet. Once the cover is back on, you can opt to activate through a breath or use the innovative “pre heat” option. 

I found the latter to offer a pretty impressive hit, almost too big for my lungs to handle. But I will say the vapor was a lot less harsh compared to hitting a standard vape battery on a higher voltage.

While the ARTIQ itself makes vape carts a lot more enjoyable, I’m a tad concerned about the $59 cost. Considering people can buy a 510 battery for between $10 and $20, it may take time for Davinci to prove their product is worth the premium price.

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G Pen Dash+


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The all-new Dash+ dry herb vaporizer debuted earlier this week. The handheld vape is a modern update to G Pen’s Dash, adding a bit more tech to the OG version. 

The Dash+ is the marries the best features of G Pen Dash and Elite II vaporizers. It offers dual conduction and convection heating combined with a spiral ceramic air path. Most flower vapes use conduction or convection to bake the bud (instead of fire), so having both modalities in one device is pretty unique and offers a more robust flavor. 

The Dash+ also has a nifty digital display, with customizable heat settings and session length. When the vape is plugged in, a large circle appears on the display showing you how close to fully charged you are at any given time. Once it’s complete, you’re good to go.

I’ve only spent a couple of days with the Dash+, so I’m still dialing in my ideal temp and timing. However, I will say that I really like the angled magnetic mouthpiece. The automatic shut-off function is also cool—it was cute how the digital display flashed a peace sign when powering down.

At only $149.95, the device is comparable to its main competitor the PAX mini. But given that the Dash+ has a digital display and super fast heating time, it may give the brand a run for its money.

With so many new devices hitting the market, it can be hard to keep up. Some may come and go, but based on my initial research, the hardware on this round-up could have what it takes to go the distance.


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