The best weed accessories for on-the-go tokers

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The vast majority of cannabis consumers have at one point taken a sesh on the road. It can prove tricky, whether trying to get your eighth jars to fit in your bag or safely transporting your beloved glass bowl or dab rig. Thankfully, there are plenty of weed accessories that take the guesswork out of traveling while high.

Long gone are the days when nugs were placed in sandwich baggies and shoved in a back pants pocket, only to emerge as dry pancakes. Or the times you put a resinous pipe in a purse, leading to an unkindly odor and ash stains at the bottom.

Sophisticated modern stoners have myriad options for securing safe passage for their pot. Whether it’s gearing up for an infused camping weekend or heading to a sesh with friends, these cannabis accessories are perfect for people going out and about. 

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The Rolling Kit by Revelry


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This one’s for the joint rollers. The Rolling Kit is a smell proof all-in-one station that lets you create a perfect joint in minutes. The tri-fold kit comes complete with a rolling tray held in place by a robust elastic band, as does the included grinder and rolling papers. Another spot for a lighter makes this kit for weed complete.

Two zippered stash pockets are ideal for mylar bags or small containers, while the genuine leather accents and high-quality hardware give a touch of class. A favorite of the GreenState team, The Rolling Kit by Revelry would delight any joint smoker.

Smoothee Portable Stash Jar + Steel Tool


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Folks with limited bag space or who desire a well-rounded mix of weed strains will love the Smoothee. These pocket sized stash jars can fit over an eighth of ground flower and feature an airtight lid to keep the bud fresh. A built-in tool lets you pack or loosen flower, whether in the jar, or in a bowl or joint. A filling funnel is also included to make the process that much smoother (no pun intended).

The company also teams with artists to create unique and aesthetically pleasing decor for the outside of the Smoothee jars. It’s a wonderful way for artists to get more exposure and allows consumers to express themselves at the same time. The Smoothee is a class act smoking accessory.

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Edie Parker Burn Bag


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High fashion fans will love this adorable cross body purse designed with tokers in mind. The Burn Bag houses an integrated retractable lighter holster, meaning you’ll be ready to spark at a moment’s notice. The interior is roomy enough to hold a Hautebox of joints, your phone, or other important implements. A card pocket ensures you have quick access to your ID once you hit the dispensary for the re-up.

Available in four darling finishes (including the loud and proud Weedie Leaf), there’s a Burn Bag for every style. While this weed accessory isn’t cheap, you can get free shipping if you choose the express option. 

The Pollinator Multi-tool by Low Life Leathers


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Leather worker Obediah O’Connor of Low Life Leather outdid himself with the Pollinator. The unique cannabis multi-tool features a honeycomb-adorned piece of leather that acts as a mini rolling tray. The attached cone roller and stuffing stick make it easy to fill any paper or pipe without spilling your precious herb. Did we mention it’s also a keychain?

Each Pollinator multi-tool is handcrafted to order, meaning you won’t find it at online headshop. Low Life Leather also makes artistic glass pipe recliners and a whole host of other neat items, so make sure to follow the Instagram for new drops.

EVRI Vape by Dip Devices


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People who like to consume cannabis in multiple ways will definitely want to get their hands on an EVRI from Dip Devices. This slick device does literally everything—hence the punny name. You can smoke flower, hit a vape cart, or take a dab—it’s truly the jack of all weed accessories. The central battery is magnetized, and you can swap out attachments at your leisure.

The other cool part about purchasing an EVRI is you’re able to give back to a cause you care about. The device comes in multiple colors, each one representing a different non-profit that will receive a portion of proceeds.

Taking your cannabis show on the road doesn’t have to be a drag. Nowadays, there are plenty of weed accessories perfect for the busy consumer. The products on this list will help you smoke wherever you go.


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