Mochi strain takes Gelato into new cannabis territory

Mochi strain: cannabis buds behind strawberry mochi desserts

The Mochi strain is one strong soldier in the immense army of Gelato varieties. This member is known to be frosty, dense, and utterly relaxing. Cannabis connoisseurs who love a layered flavor profile and indica-dominant effects should flock to the dispensary for a taste of Mochi. The newcomers with a lower tolerance will also love this strain, but they may want to take it slow.

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Mochi strain: cannabis buds arranged over mochi desserts
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Mochi and the Gelato family

Gelato was created by San Francisco breeder Mr. Sherbinksi and has since grown to include a bounty of phenotypes. Each Gelato variety is labeled with its own number based on the batch it came from; some also have nicknames. Mochi is known as Gelato 47, Mochilato, and Mochi Gelato. This is not to be confused with another cross of Gelato 85 and AK47, which is named by its lineage rather than a straight Gelato phenotype.

All of the Gelato varieties have a lineage in common. Each is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC with its own unique features. Mochilato tends to grow larger, more dense, and exceedingly purple flower compared to its familial counterparts.

Look, smell, and taste of Mochi weed

The Mochi strain of Gelato develops dense flower emitting a musky scent with a surprise bite on the back end. One way to tell Mochi from its Gelato brethren is the array of colors that may develop on the flower. Bud from this plant is forest green with splashes of purple and bright red.

Pop open a jar of Mochi cannabis and get confronted with musk that ends in a sharp mint smell. When vaped or smoked, the flower may deliver the sweet berries and cream. After the initial flavor dissipates, nutty, earthy notes remain.

Mochi strain effects

Those who consume Mochi may be left in a state of relaxed mindfulness as the strain works its magic. Each iteration of Gelato has mildly varying effects based on which parent plants were used to breed it. The Mochi strain of Gelato remains on the heavier side of the spectrum and emphasizes the mellow mood of the famous hybrid.

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Mochi strain: cannabis buds arranged over mochi desserts
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This one may start with an ooze of relaxation in the back of the neck that seeps into a releasing body high. The corporeal effect is paired with mental stimulation the first 10 to 20 minutes after inhaling, which may leave the consumer feeling scattered and intense. As time marches on, the brain seems to settle into the effects and chill out.

Mochi may keep the effects rolling for hours. It’s a strong strain with staying power. Anyone with a light tolerance should try this variety sparingly to avoid overconsumption.

Final words on the Mochi strain

Mochi is a member of the Gelato family with a soft side. This cannabis variety is a heavy, relaxing hybrid that takes some of the best trains of each of its iconic parents. Those seeking a relaxing night in, a romantic date with a loved one, or other intimate gathering will appreciate Mochi. However, it’s probably not a wise strain choice before or during a lively social event with torrents of small talk.

Reach for Mochi when the time is right and prepare to be thoroughly impressed. This indica-dominant hybrid delivers the goods.

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