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The inaugural SF Weed Week has come to a close, and what a terpy time it was. The dynamic pot showcase saw a bevy of cannabis greats dropping new flavors at dispensaries and lounges throughout the city of San Francisco, many in front of standing-room-only crowds.

The marathon started and ended at Mirus Gallery in the shadow of the Salesforce Tower. On the third floor, the Get to the Bag mylar exhibition offered a glimpse into the cannabis culture via the marriage of commercial and fine art that is the weed bag. Upstairs on the rooftop, the party was nearly constant. With a cloud of smoke overhead, SF Weed Week attendees could taste the products they picked up at the showcases and celebrate the thriving plant culture that emanates from the Bay. 

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get to the bag sf weed week
A selection of mylars from the Get to the Bag exhibit at Mirus Gallery Photo: SF Weed Week

Both GreenState editor Rachelle Gordon (yours truly) and senior staff writer Cara Wietstock were on hand for the festivities, bopping from one venue to the next in search of the SF Weed Week’s best buds. And while it was impossible to get to all 18 events (apologies to those we missed), we were definitely impressed by what we were able to smell, see, and smoke. Here are our standouts (and before any hash heads feel left out, fear not: SF Hash Weed is coming 7/10-7/17). 

Sonoma Hills Farm – Secret Breakfast

The first stop for GreenState on the SF Weed Week tour was Sparc on Polk, where Sonoma Hills Farm and Lost Farm celebrated the former’s legendary Pink Jesus strain. Edibles brand Lost Farm had recently released a Pink Jesus soft chew, and popular Bay Area ice cream shop Humphry Slocombe debuted a non-infused Pink Jesus-inspired sorbet. 

The Sonoma Hills Farm team was serving up scoops of the raspberry and ginger delight, which indeed matched the magical Pink Jesus experience. But it was part two of the Humphry Slocombe collab that really piqued our interest.

While the chefs at the Humphry Slocombe whipped up their Pink Jesus offering, Sonoma Hills was busy creating an homage to the ice cream icon’s flagship flavor, Secret Breakfast. The result is a pre-rolled blend of OG Kush and Grapes and Cream that nearly knocked our socks off. The rich aroma of the unlit pre-roll fills the room, and the dry hit offers a shockingly similar taste to the bourbon-caramel swirl found in its namesake pint. Bottom line: it’s definitely worth experiencing all four in a tasting if you can make it happen.

Redwood Roots x Lady Sativa Farm – Tropical Infusion

Consumption-friendly gatherings supplemented SF Weed Week’s programming over at the headquarters of cannabis tech company Meadow. When a B2B brand showcase featuring legacy farms from Northern California was announced, we knew we had to make an appearance.

GreenState sampled several varieties at the event, including standouts from Sol Spirit Farm, Happy Trails, That Good Good Farm, Bohemian Chemist, and Humboldt Family Farms, but it was the bud at the Redwood Roots table that had us coming back for more. 

Redwood Roots, “your Humboldt strain station,” distributes several Emerald Triangle farms, striving to connect legacy family farms with consumers throughout California. We smelled several jars and bags at Meadow, such as Canna Country Farms’ #26, Sticky Fields’ Mandarin Cherry Tree, and reggae favorites Mendo Dope’s Peanut Butter Mochi. 

However, it was the Tropical Infusion from Lady Sativa Farm that was the day’s favorite. The dark purple nugs with trichomes that glistened in the bright sun, the distinctly fruity bouquet, and the blissed-out high checked every box. And while we don’t know much about Lady Sativa Farm, after this showing, we would love to invite them to chat.

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Sense – Mr. Plow

After the marathon of terps at Meadow, it was off to Moe Green’s for an evening with Sense. The San Francisco growers are probably best known for their Pink Certz, which took top honors at the 2022 Transbay Challenge. For SF Weed Week, they had a number of new varieties, anchored by the aptly named Mr. Plow.

For those who don’t recall, Mr. Plow is a callback to an OG episode of The Simpsons in which Homer starts his own snow plow business—and the Sense version definitely evokes a serious blizzard. 


The Motorbreath x Cold Snap cross is practically dripping with crystals, putting the bright green nugs in whiteout conditions. The fuel-forward scent evokes a vision of a big rig running at full force. Judging by the amount of Mr. Plow eighths sold that night, we’d say the drop was an instant smash.

Bosky x Globs x Sunset Connect – Terp City

SF Weed Week featured several special releases and exclusive drops, and when the three-way pre-roll collab between Sunset Connect, Bosky, and Globs was announced, we had to get our hands on it. Sadly, we missed the opening night soiree where the joint first appeared, but we had our chance later that week during a buyer’s mixer on the Mirus Gallery rooftop.

sf weed week mirus gallery rooftop
The rooftop of Mirus Gallery was ground zero for SF Weed Week. Photo: SF Weed Week

The mixer featured several GreenState favorites, such as Space Gem and Fig Farms. And since we didn’t know much about Bosky, we were excited to see their table and smell their jars (especially the Zoap). After experiencing such pungent buds, the Terp City diamond-infused pre-roll, containing Z-Pie from Bosky and Tropicana Zoap from Globs, was even more exciting.

The joint itself is a whopper, and we were shocked it was only one gram. A smooth smoke, even burn, and mouthwatering flavor made it one of the best joints of the week. Don’t sleep on this one, folks.

Moon Made Farms – Sherbet Haze, Tuscan Gelato, and Sapphire Tsu

Moon Made Farms has been beloved by the GreenState team for years, and when it was announced the woman-owned farm would be appearing at the legendary Vapor Room along with High Times editor-in-chief Ellen Holland, the event was considered a must-attend. The brand’s owner, Tina Gordon (no relation to Rachelle), gave an inspiring and impassioned talk to the steady smoking crowd (a rare opportunity thanks to grandfathered lounge licenses from the Prop 215 era). 

tina gordon moon made farms sf weed week
Moon Made Farms owner Tina Gordon speaks at the Vapor Room during SF Weed Week Photo: SF Weed Week

Gordon focused on the Sherbert Haze, a delightful cross of Sherbert Bx1 x Neville’s Haze. But that wasn’t the only Moon Made being passed around. GreenState senior staff writer fell in love with the brand’s Tuscan Gelato, as did Budding Botanist author Kurt Kinneman. Meanwhile, this reporter was intrigued by Sapphire Tsu, a 2:1 CBD:THC strain. As someone who has been integrating more CBD into her daily cannabis regimen, I simply had to have it.

All three varieties were incredible, and we simply couldn’t settle on a clear winner for the day, speaking volumes to Moon Made’s dynamic offerings.

Snowtill – Gouda

Living soil is having a moment—and rightfully so. The cultivation practice allows the plant to thrive in its natural environment, relying on the power of the soil’s microbiome for nourishment as opposed to water-based hydroponic growing. San Francisco-based Snowtill is one brand making waves with its sticky, icky buds and overpowering aromas.

We had seen Snowtill around at a few events during SF Weed Week and even had a chance to tour the brand’s grow (more on that in a future piece). During the conversations, we were told about Gouda, an old-school Cheese-inspired strain. When we happened upon it at the Vapor Room during the Moon Made Farms talk, it was an instant purchase—and let me say, the jar did not disappoint. 

The funky scent really does resemble the creamy Dutch delight, and the robust nugs are coated with a healthy amount of red hairs. I was almost afraid to smoke it, recalling how high Cheese used to get me back in the day. Let’s just say Snowtill’s modern take is just as good as I remember.

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Moca Humboldt – Italian Icee

On 420 eve, SF Weed Week attendees gathered in the historic Castro district at Flore Dispensary, named after the owners’ cafe. Cafe Flor served as a community hub for decades, and the new Flore plans to do the same. After making our purchases, Christine, the drag queen, led guests into the patio, where lounge spaces were filled with people smoking MOCA Humboldt’s latest drop: Cxxxx Yams.

flor dispensary sf weed week
The rooftop lounge at Flore Dispensary was a cherished meeting spot during SF Weed Week. Photo: SF Weed Week

While guests trimmed their own Cxxxx Yams, they were served vegan maple bites, hot tea, and infused coffee. The Cxxxx Yams was a special SF Weed Week drop, but, according to Cara, the best in show goes to the Blueberry Muffin cross Italian Icee. Strong blueberry aroma smacks you in the face before your eyes focus on the show of sparkling trichomes on each nug. Flower was the star at this event, but the dabs served up also sent many straight to outer space.

Meeting up in a new version of an old community hub was a special treat during a jam-packed event, offering guests the best of both the Bay and the Hill.

Ridgeline Farms x Arcata Fire – Lantz

Another all-around favorite of the GreenState contingent is Lantz from Ridgeline Farms. The Emerald Cup-winning variety was the main smoke of 4/20 proper, as SF Weed Week founder David Downs passed out endless pre-rolls to guests on the Mirus Gallery rooftop. Ridgeline owner Jason Gellman was also on hand, with plenty of bags of sweet ‘n creamy Lantz to go around. 

Gellman also had a few of the farm’s latest offering: a high-tech vape collab with extract pros Arcata Fire. We had previously been impressed with the pair’s Grape Gas live rosin at Hall of Flowers, but the all-in-one vapes containing rosin syrup are next level. The hardware, provided by ACTIVE (formerly AVD), contains an NFC tag. Hold your smartphone over the vape, and you’re taken to a page where you can learn more about the brands and the product itself. 

These extremely limited-edition vape pens are super cool on their own, but the oil inside is the real treat. We had a chance to try the classic Lantz and Grape Gas, both of which were bursting with flavor. Stay tuned for a full breakdown.

SF Weed Week delivers the goods

By all accounts, SF Weed Week was a smashing success. Great turnout, high vibes, and killer terps made the lead-in to 4/20 a truly special experience. And while the cross-city jaunts were exhilarating, if not a tad exhausting (get to know the SF transit schedules to save more money for product!), they simply highlighted the fact that there’s no shortage of dank weed in the Bay and beyond. 

Rachelle Gordon

Rachelle Gordon is a cannabis journalist and Editor of She began her weed writing journey in 2015 and has been featured in High Times, CannabisNow, Beard Bros, MG, Skunk, Cannabis and Tech Today, and many others. Rachelle currently splits her time between Minneapolis and Oakland; her favorite cannabis cultivars include Silver Haze and Tangie. Follow Rachelle on Instagram @rachellethewriter