This popular weed strain smells just like it sounds

limoncello strain: cannabis colas over lemon slices

The Limoncello strain goes by many weed names. She may be called Lemoncello 28, Lemoncello, or Limon Cello. No matter the name, they all share one thing in common: a syrupy bright aroma and clear-headed effects. This is one of those weed strains that smells just like the name implies, which could probably be inferred by the name.

Genetics and history of Limoncello cannabis

Limoncello is a cross of Cherry Pie and The Original Lemonnade, also called Lemonnade or LemonNade. Limoncello was created by Growing Passion, the breeder also responsible for the parent plant Lemonnade. They also opened a strain of popular dispensaries named after Lemonnade in partnership with Cookies.

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limoncello strain: cannabis leaf in front of lemon slices

The Original Lemonnade is a cross of Gorilla Haze and Lemon OG, two uplifting varieties. Cherry Pie is a hybrid cannabis plant with Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison for parents. These four varieties of weed (aside from GDP) are mostly uplifting, and that’s clear in Limoncello’s effects.
This review is based on a Limoncello grown in Washington by Hygge Farms. Before diving into how it may make a person feel, let’s talk about the Limoncello strain look, smell, and taste.

Limoncello strain smell, taste, and look

A gorgeous aroma wafts from light green Limoncello buds. It’s a flower worth remembering. The smell of Limoncello has an abrupt lemon scent with undertones of fresh grass and cherries in syrup. It smells sweet but not heavy, thanks to the citrus tones.

When looking at a Limoncello nug, one might notice the perfect tips on each bud. The medium-dense flowers take on more of a spear shape than indica strains. These flowers are bright to light green and absolutely blanketed in trichomes. This could be broken up using fingers, but, as always, a grinder is best. Grass, gas, and lemon stay present when tasting Limoncello.

Effects of Limoncello strain

This sativa cannabis is known to be uplifting, leaving the mind focused and clear–that was the exact experience with the Hygge Farms Limoncello strain. Immediately after hitting this flower, my facial muscles activated, and I took on a focused energy with some very light stoniness.
After the initial high kicks in, the haze wears off to a focused energy with a slight chill vibe floating around. There is very little to no body effect with Limoncello, but it’s effective for wrapping up a to-do list or tackling the specs of a creative project.

Limoncello grow guide

With room to grow or the right grow methods, Limoncello will get along nicely in a cultivation room. The plant takes about 65 to 70 days to grow and does best indoors.

Like many sativa varieties, Limoncello branches stretch to the light in veg; mindful pruning or low-stress training can help. Due to the training required, these genetics are best for moderate to expert growers. With the right mentor, beginners might get a high Limoncello yield, too.

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limoncello strain: lemon in front of fan leaves

Limoncello frequently asked questions

This cannabis variety is newer on the scene, with a delicious scent and uplifting effect. The weed world knows some about it, but there’s still space to learn. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about the Limoncello strain.

Is Limoncello strain indica or sativa?

Limoncello is a sativa hybrid that many equate to having about 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica. This is supported by the parent lineage of Cherry Pie and The Original Lemonnade.

What are Limoncello strain effects?

Limoncello cannabis flower is known for having focused, energetic effects. However, everyone has an individual endocannabinoid system, so effects will vary from person to person. Try this strain out in a safe place before assuming how it will make you feel.

Who invented Limoncello cannabis?

This weed variety is a part of the LemonNade family created by Growing Passion, a Cookies partner. Many growers have feminized their own Lemoncello strains, but the original is from Growing Passion.

Citrus cannabis with a kick

There are many strains of cannabis with wild names, some of which don’t dictate anything about the experience to come. Limoncello is not a part of that camp. The name is an exact descriptor of the aroma and flavor profiles.
Those who love citrus or cannabis varieties that provide the energy to tackle a to-do list should run, not walk, to the nearest dispensary with Limoncello.

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