Tropicana Cherry strain is a fruit bowl of weed flavor

Tropicana cherry strain: cannabis flower over pink palm tree photo

The Tropicana Cherry strain is one of many names. It’s also called Trop Cherry or Cherry Trop; sometimes, it’s even listed as Tropicana Cherries. Whichever name is used, the flower it represents is likely to be a fruity wonder that provides a balanced, hybrid effect.

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Trop Cherry is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by Relentless Genetics, Southern U.S. breeders who also created Rozay and its equally beloved counterpart Frozay. The flower is a cross of Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies F3, resulting in a fruity cookie jar that keeps the mind stimulated with a minor haze.

This Tropicana Cherry strain review is based on indoor, mid-level cannabis from Washington state brand Green Haven. There’s nuance to the effects of this flower, but the smell and taste are all fruit.

tropicana cherry strain

Smell, look, and taste of Trop Cherry

Lovers of fruity weed should run not walk to the nearest dispensary with the Tropicana Cherry strain. The buds are reminiscent of their Cookies lineage, with bright green and dark purple throughout. Bigger buds means less green, some top shelf Trop Cherry flower is even all purple. They are also tightly bound, so best enjoyed with a good grinder.

Take a whiff and enjoy a bouquet of juicy pears with a squeeze of lime erupt from the jar. This variety often tests with high levels of caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene which could donate to the scent. The cherry flavor comes when inhaled, which is best experienced with a dry herb vape. On the whole, the Trop Cherry aesthetic experience is a fruit basket of flavors and aromas.

Tropicana Cherry strain effects

Enjoy the perfect sativa-dominant hybrid Tropicana Cherry when hoping to experience cannabis without being fully incapacitated. Trop Cherry is energizing but can veer into anxious territory when overconsumed.

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Energy goes straight to the dome immediately after inhaling the Tropicana Cherry strain. Expect little to no body effect with this weed variety; it’s mostly mental, complete with tightness in the temples.

This is a strain for those seeking weed that helps them maintain focus with a creative edge. It also influences cheerful feelings, but for those susceptible, it can incite some nervous energy. The next few hours after inhaling, prepare to travel in and out of productive moments and high moments– true hybrid vibes.

The Trop Cherry experience is true to the sativa hybrid lore, expect to feel focused with an air of confusion.

tropicana cherry strain: cannabis flowers in a garden with images of cherries over the top

Tropicana Cherry strain FAQ

This cannabis strain is well known for having cerebral effects, but many are left wanting to know more. Let’s answer some Tropicana Cherry strain frequently asked questions.

Is Trop Cherry strain an indica or sativa?

Tropicana Cherry is a sativa-dominant hybrid with far more sativa effects than indica.

Does the Tropicana Cherry strain have THC?

Trop Cherry tests with around 23 percent THC, with some batches listing results as high as 29 percent.

What does the Tropicana Strain yield?

Tropicana Cherry is known as a heavy yielder that flowers in 60 to 65 days. It performs best when grown indoors using the SCRoG method.

Tropicana Cherry strain final words

Tropicana Cherry is a weed strain known for bringing joy. It is a vibrant sativa with notes of luscious pear and bright citrus. Enjoy Trop Cherry in the afternoon or for those who are inclined, it makes great wake and bake fodder.

Those prone to stress may want to avoid strains like Trop Cherry as it could aggravate tension, but otherwise it promises a chipper attitude.

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