Weed-friendly activities for a weekend getaway

weed-friendly activities: people walk to plane in the sunset

Cannabis is being legalized in new states all the time, giving more people access to the plant and opening up more avenues for tourism. Even so, finding a place to consume can be complicated. But some travel destinations have activities catered to combining a night out with a good high.

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Friend’s weekend that finally makes it out of the group chat, a trip with adult family, or a solo adventure could all be a little more fun with these weed-friendly tourist activities.

All-Inclusive Retreats

Consuming cannabis is illegal in hotels in most cities. Wilderness retreats are an excellent way to spend a weed-friendly weekend because consumption is generally allowed. As more states legalize adult use, more cannabis retreats are popping up everywhere. They can be the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway, a girl’s weekend, or even a cousin’s trip.

Sol Spirit Retreats is a cannabis farm and getaway destination offering luxury bell tent camping with farm-to-table meals and a bevy of activities. Judi and Walter Nelson invite people to their cannabis farm to meet the chickens, dip in the local swimming hole, and immerse themselves in local Northern California cannabis culture. For Midwesterners, DankGirls hosts weekend retreats and slumber parties that sell out months in advance in Michigan and other states.

Paint Night

Paint nights are an awesome way to start off a night out. Paint & Sip nights include a teacher leading a class of wine-drinking people through painting a canvas and have been popular for years. In their wake came Puff & Paint. The night goes how it sounds: people puff on some of their favorite loud and learn how to paint a scene or an animal.

Weed-friendly activities

Puff, Pass, and Paint have studios in Colorado, Florida, Missouri, New York, and Washington D.C. Visitors can explore the possibilities of cannabis for creativity in these classes. With a quick search, it’s easy to find cannabis art classes in various weekend getaway destinations like the Puff Puff Paint series in Los Angeles and Puff then Create in San Francisco.

Everyone knows paint night and friends’ night are synonymous. Why not throw weed in the mix?

Comedy Shows

Lots of cities have cannabis comedy event series that incorporate the plant in the show in different ways. In Washington, The Gateway Show promises a set from comedians before and after hitting a joint and some wax.

Every Saturday in Toronto visitors and locals can check out Lit Comedy presented by the Cannabis Comedy Festival. The venue is licensed as a testing center, meaning the product can be legally consumed for testing purposes there, opening the door for consumption.

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Just South in Brooklyn, New York, those looking for a laugh can check out Chronic Comedy Night at Positive Vibes Cannabis Club every Saturday. Find different plays on the combination of cannabis and comedy across the legal states to infuse a weed-friendly getaway with a few laughs.

Cannabis Tours

There are different kinds of pot-centric tours available around the country. Cannabis tour businesses like Weed Bus LA give visitors a peek into the local weed culture, offering a Winery & Grow Facility Tour and a Dispensary Crawl + Movie Set Tour.
Weed Bus LA is similar to Las Vegas Cannabis Tours, which welcomes people into dispensary operations, cultivation sites, and glass studios.

weed-friendly activities

In Colorado, there are industry-focused excursions. But following the recent licensing for mobile hospitality units, new offerings are coming online. These licenses allow moving vehicles to become social consumption sites. This opens up the game to let tourists light up in the limo before checking out local art and destinations. With new legislation on social consumption slowly creeping into the cannabis zeitgeist, unique tours are sure to hit the scene.

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All of the weed-friendly travel destination lists are great, but what are tourists supposed to do once they get to a place where cannabis is legal? This list should serve as the perfect jump-off point to tap into various respective local cultures in cannabis-friendly cities.

Maybe painting with a joint is ideal for the squad, or perhaps an all-inclusive retreat makes more sense. Whatever the group chat decides, these choices keep cannabis on the itinerary.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.