For hash lovers, the PuffCo Plus is the dab pen to beat

PuffCo Plus
PuffCo Plus is a discrete portable vaporizer that works with hyper-potent cannabis extract.

What a pleasure it was to take PuffCo’s flagship model out for a spin again. Since debuting last year it has taken home a variety of accolades including a highly competitive SoCal Cannabis Cup and not to mention a who’s who of concentrate enthusiasts swearing by it on the go. If you can’t use a quartz bucket, the PuffCo Plus is the standard bearer of the ever expanding dab pen market.

The positive experiences with the pocket nail come from everyone from hash church priests to those whipping up the best terpenes in the world. When the founder of NorCal’s oldest high-end extract delivery service, Irie Care Collective, heard we were testing he reached out and said it was the best on the market and he’d been using it for years, in particular, sesh mode.

To understand the quality of the PuffCo Plus you need solid materials. Our testing was done with a Terped-out Madrone/Oakland Extracts Collaboration of Lemon Fuel OG and an equally fantastic Strawberry Banana cured live resin from Critical 710 and Crockett Farms.

Screwing the mouthpiece off the dark chrome exterior reveals a dart made out of heat resistant composite. With the dart, you slice a chunk off your preferred extract and load the coil-free ceramic chamber about half way up to the air holes, should your heart desire. From there, you’re 5 clicks away from your first rip.

Now you get a few more options. Three heat settings will let you choose how cloudy you want to get right off the bat, but keep in mind, it will take a few pulls to really get kicking from a cold start. After you start inhaling the pen will automatically stop heating in eight seconds, should you choose to press the button twice at the beginning of the inhale you’ll enter “sesh mode”, which lasts 12 seconds total instead.

The flavor is top notch. While you won’t get every flavor hint you would off of some nice quartz properly cooled to the right temperature, you’ll get a lot more of it than you would with most of the PuffCo Plus’s legion of competitors. That lack of a coil in the chamber plays a big part in that, many times a coil in the heating chamber will give a metallized tinge to the flavor.

The number of rips depends on the direction you end up going with the temperature setting and the consistency of the materials. But, if you get some good saucy terps set that thing to low and get the most out of them.

Cleaning is a breeze and they even throw in the first few Q-tips to make it more obvious!