Cherry diesel strain: tart, gassy, and sweet

Cherry diesel strain

People who consume cannabis have been saying it for eons. Just because someone smokes weed, it doesn’t mean they’re lazy. Genetics like the Cherry Diesel strain prove that. The energy-drink-like effects wouldn’t let someone succumb to a lazy afternoon. This is a cannabis hybrid that amplifies its sativa, illuminating a Rainbow Road to a finished chore list.

Cherry Diesel Strain look, smell, and taste

Marrying succulent fruit and gas, Cherry Diesel revs up the mind and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. MTG Seeds bred this strain by combining Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel.

Cherry Diesel buds grow light green with touches of deep purple throughout. Light yellow pistils complement this distinct coloring. They often grow in a spear-like structure that isn’t too dense. Some Cherry Diesel may grow more bulbous depending on its environment.

When it comes to aroma and flavor the strain name says it all. One big whiff of a jar filled with Cherry Diesel strain nugs envelopes a person in diesel aromatics with lingering hints of sweet cherries. The taste matches the scent, especially in the first few hits of a joint or from a dry-herb vaporizer.

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Cherry diesel strain

Effects of Cherry Diesel

This isn’t a cannabis strain to toke before bed, with its energetic, euphoric effects. In fact, Cherry Diesel, like a Durban Poison strain, is probably more fitting to consume before a workout than a movie marathon.

For some, effects first rise up into the temples after consuming the strain. That stimulation settles into the ocular region. All of those tiny muscles relax while a present, focused mind clicks in.

Euphoric energy is abundant for many who smoke, vape, or dab this cannabis variety. A mellow awareness is present in the effects that free the consumer from a hard edge that can sometimes come along with sativa strains.

Because of that, it’s wise to have a plan before consuming. Just because Cherry Diesel evokes activity doesn’t mean it’ll go in the right direction. Have a plan for the high before lighting up to be sure the focus lands on the right topic. Avoid overconsumption of this cannabis strain. It may lead to anxiety and paranoia.

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Cherry diesel strain: graphic of gas can with cherries on it over background of cannabis leaves and cherries.

Cherry Diesel strain growing tips

Growing a strain like Cherry Diesel takes some insight into the cannabis life cycle, but it isn’t impossible for beginners. It can thrive indoors and outdoors, flowering in about eight to nine weeks.

The plants will grow anywhere from a half-ounce per square foot to two ounces per square foot. Whether in or outside, the plants will need regular pruning to ensure every nug gets its moment in the sun.

The final word

Cannabis is a diverse plant with genetics that run the gamut. A Cherry Diesel strain can inspire someone to finally deep clean their kitchen. Indica strains will sometimes do the literal opposite. Breeders continue pushing the envelope with new genetics while many still don’t understand the ones already on the shelves.

Gaining insight into cannabis genetics, like a Cherry Diesel strain, may guide consumers to products that match their expected experience. Knowledge is power, after all.

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