RS11 strain: a rainbow prism of weed flavor

rs11 strain ice cream rainbow and bud

If you love a weed bowl full of sweet and fruity bud, the RS11 strain is a great choice. Also known as Rainbow Sherbet #11, this hybrid strain has a full spectrum of berry flavors. 

The RS11 strain is known for its delectable taste, but the overall experience is as diverse as its palette. With lovely, balanced effects that are uplifting yet chill, this weed variety will leave you feeling like a leprechaun who just found its pot of gold.

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rs11 strain fan leaves on rainbow
Discover the multifaceted RS11 strain experience. Photo: Canva, Getty, GreenState

RS11 strain genetics

RS11 is a cross between Pink Guava and Sunset Sherbet. However, the lineage is a bit more complex. Pink Guava was created by breeding two forms of OZ Kush, a fruity marriage of candy-forward Zkittlez (aka the Original Z) and dank OG Eddy Lepp.

RS11’s other notable parent, Sunset Sherbet, is a famed Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) child created by the iconic California cannabis breeder Mario Sherbinksi. The GSC x Pink Panties cross was an instant hit thanks to its sweet yet skunky aroma and potent effects.

Legendary breeder DEO Farms created the RS11 strain. Wizard Trees was the first grower to bring these genetics to life, partnering with hype brand Doja Pak to get the fire to the people.

Terpene profile of RS11

The top three terpenes in the RS11 strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. These compounds give the weed strain its uniquely cherry and berry taste and scent.

RS11 is a more fruit-forward strain, but just like a rainbow, there’s plenty of variation. Hints of pine are flecked with notes of diesel and candy. The backend is a bit more skunky, completing the full flavor arc.

It’s important to note that while the genetics may be alike, strains grown in different places may end up smelling and tasting quite different from the original. When Respect My Region tried the strain in Barcelona, their team called the bouquet “a gassy citrus.”

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rs11 strain is weed and sherbet
True to its Sherbet lineage, RS11 is a rainbow of flavor. Photo: Canva and GreenState Team

The RS11 strain experience

Smoking a bowl of RS11 is an adventure, a proper rainbow road of berry flavors. Tart yet sweet, herbaceous, and evergreen—you will likely have 360 degrees of taste in one hit.

The aroma of RS11 may lean toward a sugar rush, but the effects are far more balanced. An indica-dominant hybrid, the high itself is cool, calm, and collected. Suitable for day or night, the RS11 strain is a wonderful choice for medical patients who may need to consume cannabis frequently to ease things like chronic pain or appetite loss.

Looking at digital menus on Jane, the THC levels of RS11 tend to hover around 24 percent, meaning it’ll get you lifted without knocking you out.

Growing RS11

The RS11 strain is considered easy to grow, even for novice cultivators. Flowering time typically lasts 10-12 weeks, offering decent yields.

The buds are sizable, with bright orange hairs dancing around each crevice. A thick layer of crystalline trichomes dazzle the senses with their potent resin.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on RS11 seeds from the original breeders, you’re out of luck, as they currently are off the menu. However, there are plenty of other reputable genetics providers out there offering these coveted beans.

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RS11 strain – a prismatic weed variety

With cherry and berry notes and hints of pine, RS11 is a feast for the senses. Serving a kaleidoscope of flavors and effects, this popular hybrid strain offers something for everyone. 

The Pink Guava x OZK strains parentage makes RS11 highly sought-after by consumers looking for top-tier hype, while the balanced high is ideal for a wide range of patients and canna-curious newcomers. Despite its diverse palette, one thing is for sure: RS11 is all gold at the end. 

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