Review: Remedios Right On Relief Wand

A profoundly powerful blend of healing plants and herbs fused with hemp (aka CBD), Remedios’ Right On Relief Wand has brought me great healing on the go.

It’s canna-health in a convenient roll-on stick form.

Right-On Relief Wand, plus Remedios’ story from their website,

This powerful roll on stick has a team of plants working together to work with your body and speed up healing while reducing inflammation. These include calendula, yarrow, eucalyptus, and more.

It delivers a pleasurable, tingle-y sensation wherever it’s applied. I even used it on my face regularly for acne, and it worked wonders.

Because of the combination of healing herbs with CBD, which is known to be the master of reducing inflammation by working with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, I felt confident it could work on nearly any body ailments.

I used it for sore muscles first, and then started moving on to applying it to my face as well as a new tattoo, essentially a fresh and raw open wound.

As a healer, I stand proudly behind this product. I have taken many herb classes and learned independently about both calendula and yarrow as superstar body healing plant allies.

As a cannabis journalist, I also stand proudly behind this product. The hemp is high quality, and it’s obvious in the way I’ve been able to heal most of the things I’m targeting in a couple days, when it might otherwise take weeks.

CBD is getting more popular and recognition as cannabis’ reputation grows overall, and that means that people try to capitalize on it as a buzzword. Less reliable products will start to flood into the markets. This makes it critical to know where exactly your product comes from and ideally even meet the growers and people behind it.

The makers behind Remedios representing at a local farmer’s market.

Remedios’ Right On Relief Wand is exactly the type of product that maintains integrity by keeping it small scale and local, while delivering powerful and profound healing.

It represents the future of canna-health, looking after the people and Earth first and foremost.

Try it out for yourself today!

Stephanie Zhu