GreenState gift guide for the old-school stoner

old school stoner gift guide

Looking for a gift for the old-school stoner in your life? These products are sure to please the people in your circle who were smoking way before Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg became BFF. From a Grateful Dead-inspired gravity bong to fine flower, these eight gift guide ideas are perfect for the OG potheads.

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Helix Vessel Highsman Edition

gift guide highsman helix
The Highsman x Vessel Helix collab is an old-school pipe with a modern twist Photo: Rio PR

Inspired by NFL great and Highsman founder Ricky Williams, the latest iteration of the Helix Vessel is sure to score a touchdown with your favorite flower fan. Constructed of brass with a unique double-helix barrel for filtering and cooling of smoke, this pipe the perfect mix of style and function. For a limited time, orders come with a free carbon lite (white) lighter. $65,

The Grateful Dead Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

grateful dead stundenglass gift guide
The Grateful Dead Studenglass is a true work of art Photo: Rio PR

There’s definitely fire on the mountain thanks to the recent collab between cultural icons The Grateful Dead and Stündenglass. This incredibly high quality gravity infuser has a built-in percolation system for water-filtered smoke that can be inhaled directly or applied to food and drink for an epic party trick sure to impress. And if The Grateful Dead isn’t enough, the brand has several other designs and collabs to please any type of consumer. $599.95,

Respect My Region Legacy Smalls Flower

rmr legacy smalls flower gift guide
Legacy Smalls flower is top-shelf bud at an affordable price Photo: Respect My Region

It was only a matter of time before cannabis media favorites Respect My Region debuted their own weed brand and Legacy Smalls definitely delivers on the hype. The line was curated for the everyday smoker who lives for both OG and exotic genetics, providing a terpy experience every time. Available in California and Washington. Price varies,

CADRE Reserve Flower

cadre flower gift guide
CADRE is a social equity brand changing the face of cannabis Photo: Emily Eizen

If you’re shopping for a brand that gives back, look no further than CADRE. The brand’s CEO co-founded the Social Equity Owners & Workers Association, fighting for more social equity licenses in Los Angeles. In addition to flower, the brand also offers pre-rolls and vape pens in partnership with Dompen. Available in California. Prices vary,

Globs Concentrates

globs concentrates
Globs is a brand by the people, for the people Photo: Globs

Offering dank dabs at accessible prices, Globs offers something for everyone. From classic strains to hype drops, the brand has shatter, sauce, rosin, vape carts, and everything in between. Available in California. Price varies,

Stone Road Roll-Your-Own Pouch

stone road flower
Stone Road is a sungrown flower brand grown in living soil Photo: Stone Road

Straightforward and straight from the source, the Stone Road “roll your own” pouch contains 14 grams of sungrown flower ready for a joint, spliff, or rose blunt. Focused on sustainability in their cultivation and production, Stone Road is an Earth-first brand that champions diversity. Available in California. Prices vary,

Ukiyohi Smoking Accessories

ukiyohi gift guide
Ukiyohi crafts classic smoking implements with a modern, clean aesthetic Photo: Ukiyohi

Despite the proliferation of high-tech smoking devices and laser bongs, old-school smoking implements remain as popular as ever. The luxurious yet unpretentious line of accessories from Ukiyohi make impressive yet approachable gifts, offering dugouts, brass corn cob pipes, rolling trays, grinders, and more. Prices vary,

Devil’s Lettuce Flower

devils lettuce flower gift guide
Devil’s Lettuce is a lighthearted callback to reefer madness Photo: Courtney Zalewski

A throwback collab between Embarc dispensaries and cannabis brand Traditional, Devil’s Lettuce is scary good weed for a jaw-dropping price. Initially launched on Halloween along with a spooky Spotify playlist, Devil’s Lettuce is sure to bring a chuckle to whomever finds in their holiday stocking. Available in California. $16.66 for Passport Club members,

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