15 TV shows to watch on shrooms

tv shows to watch on shrooms

There are plenty of movies to watch on shrooms, but those craving smaller bites may prefer TV shows to watch on shrooms. Tuning in to a series can break up a psychedelic mushroom trip, but choosing the right one is vital. Too much tension can throw off the trip vibes, and body horror or monsters might do the same.

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When choosing what to watch on shrooms, the key component to look for is levity. Put on a series that brings on the laughs. Those who prefer thought-provoking shows while on a psychedelic journey may look to non-violent science fiction, but at the end of the day, few comedies can go wrong.

What can go wrong is not being on the legal side of shrooms. Certain cities and states have decriminalized the fruiting bodies, but psilocybin laws in the U.S. vary. Once legality is squared away, use the shows tagged here to find TV shows to watch on shrooms.

TV shows to watch on shrooms


Offbeat sketch comedy reigns supreme in Portlandia, an eight-season series spoofing the culture in the Pacific Northwest town. The series was created by Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein and longtime comedian Fred Armisen.

Tune in to Portlandia to truly lose yourself in hilarious cultural dialogue presented in easy-to-digest sketches.

Ambient Swim

Tap into the moment with Ambient Swim, a hand-drawn digital animated series available to stream. Each episode features trippy moving art set to soothing lo-fi music. The chill content was created to promote relaxation, an ideal vibe for the sometimes shaky experience of magic mushrooms kicking in.

Ambient Swim is also ideal for those who don’t want to spend a good trip tuned in to the tube. Psychonauts can cruise in and out of the screen rather than get invested in a hero’s great adventure, as there’s no storyline or dialogue.

Adventure Time

Heroes Finn and Jake live in a pretty trippy world where little old elephants talk, and enormous snails can beatbox—it only makes sense to visit after eating magic mushrooms. Adventure Time episodes run about 11 minutes, making them quick bites for those who don’t want to spend too much of their trip in front of the TV.

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Pushing Daisies

2000s cult classic Pushing Daisies stars Lord of the Rings’ Lee Pace as a pie maker with a special gift; he can bring dead things to life with the touch of his finger. Of course, a private investigator learns of his secret and brings him on to use his gift to solve murders.

The supernatural theme is paired with saturated bright colors, retro wardrobe, and whimsical characters–all right on par for a daytripper. The grotesque death might turn some off, but most will be distracted by the gothic love story and happy imagery.

I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson

Dive into the absurd and laugh like there’s no tomorrow: pop on I Think You Should Leave. The streaming sketch series is created by star and former Saturday Night Live writer Tim Robinson. Comically tense moments are paired with out-of-place intensity and utterly foolish storylines in the unhinged comedy show bound to get a laugh out of someone tripping on mushrooms.

Yakitate Japan!!

Anime can pull a viewer into its world, and in Yakitate Japan!! that universe centers on warm, fluffy bread. The cooking manga is a comedy where Kazuma Azuma sets off to create a national bread for Japan. This endeavor is eased by his special gift, exceptionally warm hands.

Let the psychedelic mushrooms help transport you to the bakery where Kazuma Azuma learns the trade and meets friends and foes. This series is a good choice for those looking for lighter fare in terms of TV shows to watch on shrooms.

Twin Peaks

This is one of the more intense shows on the list, but Twin Peaks brings camp and intrigue that may delight a psychonaut. Be warned, themes of kidnapping, loss, and, of course, the devil are prominent.

Nostalgia lovers and David Lynch fans may consider a Twin Peaks marathon next time they brew a cup of shroom tea. Tune in to this old-school series on Prime Video or similar streaming services.

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

National treasure Carl Sagan put out a thirteen-part series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage from 1980 to 1981. The series takes viewers on a trip through the galaxy where everyone learns they’re made simply of “star stuff.”

The updated version with Niel deGrasse Tyson, however, has not proven good for everyone who has eaten psychedelics.


Join three friends as they value partying, beers, bong rips, and fun over their telemarketing job. Workaholics is a live-action view of being a 20-something white guy in the Los Angeles Valley.

The amenable friendship leads the trio, and a cast of side characters like our girl Jillian, into wild adventures and downright foolish endeavors that will bring on the laughs whether someone is sober, stoned, or tripping. Plus, drugs of all kinds are a common topic, which is on the theme for this list.

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Russian Doll

Actress Natasha Lyonne ends up stuck in a loop with an unknown stranger in Russian Doll, a series that marries science fiction, comedy, and drama. The TV show lacks trippy visuals and bright, bubbly characters, so it may not be for every psychonaut. However, those dialed into a cerebral trip may get what they’re looking for from the Netflix streaming series.

The Blue Planet

There’s almost always space for a nature documentary in the background of trip space. For this, The Blue Planet is a righteous choice. Realize that the big blue is more unknown than outer space in each episode of the two-season series.

Tap into the notion that you are minuscule in the big, beautiful world by flicking on this series narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The sci-fi series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debuted in the late 1980s to fanfare, following the live-action turtles as they ate pizza and saved the city. Enjoy this one on shrooms, and you might realize you’re more of a Donatello than a Michelangelo, or simply enjoy a heaping dose of nostalgia. Sure, it’s not critically acclaimed 2001: Space Odyssey, but it’s worth a watch while tripping.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob, Linda, and the kids are a safe space for many who have been tuning in to the animated series over the last 13 seasons. Bob’s Burgers follows a fictional family as they run their burger restaurant. Viewers are treated to comedic songs as well as kooky hijinx along the way.

This TV series can make a trip feel less heavy, replacing it with giggles and silliness. Comedies like Bob’s Burgers may also help bring a bad trip back on track. Pop on a 30-minute episode at any point in a magic mushroom trip for a moment of fun on the journey.

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Black Lady Sketch Show

Love a sketch comedy? Revel in the Black Lady Sketch Show starring hilarious Robin Thede, who does the best gender-bending comedy in the series. The hilarity continues with guest stars Ashley Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis, Quinta Brunson, and other stars.

The women dole up utter hilarity in a narrative series sprinkled with perfectly ridiculous sketches. Let the mushroom mind connect the dots as the Black Lady Sketch Show serves up laughs alongside excellent character acting.

The Joy of Painting

Get lost in the gentle brush strokes and happy little trees in The Joy of Painting, a cable access show starring the beloved Bob Ross. Those tripping on psychedelics may enjoy jumping onto the canvas with the host known for his mellow, metered speech. Come for the painting, stay for the often valuable life advice that Ross doles out in each episode.

TV shows to watch on shrooms

Movies and TV shows can be an excellent way to take the nervous edge off the first hour or so of a mushroom trip. If a movie feels too long, a television series can be the perfect thing to watch while tripping. As a rule of thumb, those looking for the right show to turn on after eating magic mushrooms need to look no further than their favorite cartoon or sketch comedy. Don’t have time to host a full viewing of Fantastic Fungi? Look no further than this list of ten excellent TV shows to watch on shrooms.

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