San Francisco’s salvation from high cannabis prices is The Green Cross

California marijuana rules
GreenState File Photo | Photo by Gabrielle Lurie

Before PR teams and CNBC specials, good cannabis and no law enforcement hassles were the two chief attributes to look for in your provider, especially in San Francisco, where the first-ever Department of Justice raid against a dispensary took place. During these firey times, The Green Cross opened its original location in Noe Valley in 2004.

Now 13 years later, we ranked them among the best retail values in the state in the inaugural GreenState Awards. In a world filled with top shelves of eighth-ounces regularly hitting $60 and now even $65 in some cases, The Green Cross’ $43 dollar top shelf and $30 sun-grown eighths are what the market should look like as cannabis prohibition slowly comes to a stop on the tracks.

Since 2004, The Green Cross has served as a staple of safe access for San Franciscans. And since their move to a new Excelsior District storefront in 2013 they’re at the top of the pack in the City.

The core of their advantage is price, but by no means is the Green Cross skimping to bring you this value. Their OG Kush is a fantastic representation of the classic strain for any price bracket. The in-house Incredimeds line has options for every kind of edible lover. It’s not just in-house deals either, you can even get designer strains Gelato from San Francisco master breeder Jigga.

The Green Cross is also home to a few great examples of the hit disposable vape cart, the Pax Era. An ever-expanding line up of companies now fills the Era’s disposable pods. In particular, keep an eye out for any thing from GoldDrop who are almost out of awards they can win.

The Green Cross is pretty deep out there on Mission Street on the 14 MUNI line. It’s a little less than a half mile walk from the Glen Park BART and if you like hills it’s definitely for you.