Mine the magic behind this weed strain with staying power

grape pie strain

CanSugar grape filling is the star of the Grape Pie strain, an indica-dominant hybrid that keeps everyone guessing. Grape Pie is fitting for the person who needs to relax but also a wise evening choice for anyone desiring a moment of euphoria.

The Grape Pie strain is a cross of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, two indica hybrids beloved equally for their scents and effects. This weed variety is well known in most legal weed locales, and it all started in the Rocky Mountain state.

grape pie strain

Cannarado Genetics created Grape Pie in 2016, and it has since cemented its place in the marijuana zeitgeist of the era. It’s not the most phenohunted variety in the world, but it had maintained its shelf space almost a decade after its debut. In a world of countless weed strains, that’s saying something. The staying power must have something to do with the righteous smell and effects of the Grape Pie strain.

Look, taste, and smell of the Grape Pie strain

Grape Pie smells as sweet as sugar with a sour twist that translates well into the taste. These nugs appear light and bright green with brown-orange hairs. The color of the flower can also purple out, this depends on the grower and their environment. But hey, grapes can be green, too.

As far as the smell goes, genetics are strong with this one. Comforting candied grapes are prominent with sharp, sour kiwi undertones when smelling this flower. The flavor is similar but adds an earthiness reminiscent of Cherry Pie and her Grandaddy Purple parent.

Grape Pie strain effects

The effects of Grape Pie depend on the person, but those on online review platforms report similar vibes after consuming this indica hybrid. People have reported enjoying this weed variety for focused, happy relaxation–some found it ideal for socializing in a mellow setting. Think Grape Pie for movie and games night with friends over a big part meeting lots of new people.

The Grape Pie smoking experience is a bit of a ride. Initially, it will kick up the moment into a euphoric headspace where the world is rose-colored. As the effects settle into the body, that initial uptick subsides into a relaxed indica strain effect. Expect to get comfortable on the couch with munchies and your favorite streaming weed show of the moment.

Smoking, vaping, or eating products made with the Grape Pie strain might be a good fit for those seeking relaxation, mellow socialization, or a weed variety ideal for a cozy night in.

grape pie strain

Grape Pie FAQ

Those with questions about this sweet weed need look no further. Today, we will answer all of the Grape Pie strain’s frequently asked questions.

Is Grape Pie strain an indica or sativa?

Grape Pie iss an indica-dominant hybrid based on its parent lineage and effects.
The terms indica and sativa refer to the plant morphology or how it grows. Many have moved away from using these terms, though they remain common terminology in describing cannabis varieties.

What are the effects of Grape Pie?

Grape Pie strain effects are said to be joyful in the first moments before mellowing out into a relaxed but talkative state. However, everyone has a unique experience based on their endocannabinoid system. Effects can vary from person to person.

Who created the Grape Pie strain?

Cannarado Genetics created Grape Pie in 2016. The well-known seed breeder also crossed favorites like Wedding Pie and Lava Cake.

Upper-crust weed

Those who have tried Grape Pie often agree that it is an excellent weed strain worth checking out. Between the sweet and sour scents to the calm effects–there are many draws to products made with this flower. Don’t skip dessert when Grape Pie is on the menu.

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