10 weed memes sure to light you up

Weed memes: woman in a scroll hole

The cultural concept of weed memes existed decades before the Internet age. In the late 70s, Richard Dawkins coined the term in The Selfish Gene. The British evolutionary biologist defined memes as “a unit of cultural information spread by imitation.”

In their original form, memes represented concepts like basic hygiene and religion mimicked enough to become culturally significant. With the 21st century’s introduction to the internet, memes became digital matter rather than theoretical fodder.

Now, funny weed memes are shared far and wide for the world to see. Creative meme lords will transform a still frame from the beloved cartoon Spongebob Squarepants into an allegory for how it feels to be high as a kite.

Weed memes

Whether it’s about smoking weed, the cannabis industry, or the challenges of being a stoner– these weed memes are bound to inspire a chuckle.

You get what you pay for


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A post shared by @floridatreesnews

The account @floridatreesnews is known for hitting their local industry hard, but this weed meme takes aim at the consumers. It makes fun of customers who complain about mid-quality bud but only buy cannabis themselves. The account depicts the self-imposed vicious cycle using the Frowning Wojack meme template.

The Finding Nemo turtles are all of us

When it comes to the turtles of Finding Nemo, we’re all in on the joke that they’re playing a stoner stereotype. Memelord @gigglekush took the joke one step further, with a meme using the turtle’s stoned-looking face as a response to the question, “Are you high?”

Wolfie’s weed memes


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A post shared by wolfie (@wolfiememes)

Though she may be known more for her role in Jackass Forever, her memeing past is right there in the name. Rachel Wolfson, aka @wolfiememes, has been dabbling in elevated memery for years. In this classic post, she compares her ex to a brick of schwag (low-quality cannabis flower).

Astrology weed memes


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A post shared by Oregano (@realoregano)

This weed meme from the satire publication Oregano plays to the astrology crowd. The headline asks that if astrology isn’t real, why is this Virgo’s bong so clean? Like the concept? Well, that’s great because this one goes past a meme into a full-on satire article.

Ordinary People Memes meet weed


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A post shared by ordinarypeoplememes (@ordinarypeoplememes)

The Ordinary People account takes normal business headshots and adds very normal statements to them in what is a surprisingly hilarious combination. This ordinary dude is looking forward to smoking some doobies with his buds at disc golf this weekend.

Sun-grown weed memes


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A post shared by Meme Geme (@memegemefrommemedocino)

A classic meme template with Anakin and Padme from the Star Wars universe applies perfectly to this point from @memegemefrommendocino, who just wants to know if the weed is Mendocino sun-grown. It is, right? Right?

Have you tried weed?


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A post shared by Kenny Eagletree (@mtbakerhighway)

Kenny Ingebrigston is usually busy growing quality Washington cannabis and rehabilitating the land around the farm. But when he’s not, he’s making funny weed memes about it. This one uses the Zac Efron shrugging meme to express what it’s like to tell a cannabis advocate you have any ailment whatsoever.

Stoners and their sesh spots


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A post shared by Top Tree (@toptree)

Most cannabis enthusiasts follow @toptree on IG. The account is a valuable source for stupid weed memes. This one shows a person crawling into a bush fort with the caption, “Stoners be like ‘I know a spot’ and then take you here.”

Judgemental sesh mate

The longtime, conscious consumer rarely shows up to a sesh without specific buds, dabs, or edibles. Detail went into picking their favorite brand and strain. Being recently deleted from the Gram didn’t keep @boof.confit2.0 from joking about being one of these consumers at the sesh with this meme.

The power of RSO


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A post shared by Trust-tree for budtenders (@budtender_anonymous_memes)

Last but most certainly not least is a weed meme to show precisely how intense Rick Simpson Oil is. The account @budtender_anonymous_memes shared three photos of a boxer who asks, “How will I know if the RSO is working?” That first pic is followed by an image of him falling to the ground and another of him knocked out face down. Every budtender has watched this progression at least once.

Weed memes: person smiles looking at phone

Everyone can appreciate a solid meme, especially when it touches on a universal truth. When it comes to cannabis culture, these weed memes have got the universal truths covered.

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