20 more cartoons fit for a post-sesh hang

cannabis cartoons

Cannabis is a “choose your own adventure” plant. Some strains, like Durban Poison, will make a person feel productive and motivated. Others, like Black Diamond, might set the stage for something slightly more chill. For the latter scenario, watching some cannabis cartoons could be the perfect activity.

In a previous installment, GreenState highlighted more vintage cartoons fit for a stoned person, like Metalocalypse and Rocko’s Modern Life. This time, the focus is on more modern animation. Some are still on the air, and other have ended in the last few years. One thing they all have in common is that they would probably be enjoyable after a rip.

Rick and Morty

2013 – now (currently six seasons)
Watch on: Hulu, Max, YouTube, and more
Air time: 30 minute episodes

An Adult Swim cult classic, Rick and Morty, is airing its seventh season. The science fiction sitcom follows sociopathic scientist Rick Sanchez as he casually returns to his daughter’s doorstep after having been missing for 20 years. Rick goes on adventures with grandchildren Morty and Summer while building gadgets some might call dangerous.

Tuca & Bertie

2019 – 2022 (three seasons)
Watch on: Netflix, Max
Air time: 22-26 minute episodes

Visit a world of birds in this story of two friends, outspoken Tuca and timid Bertie, as they navigate experiences and problems that are also common among young human women. The main characters are voiced by famed comedians Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong. After two years with Netflix, Adult Swim picked up the show for its third season, but it will most likely be the final as the series was canceled in 2022.


2009 – 2023 (14 seasons)
Watch on: Hulu
Air time: 20 minute episodes

Airing first on FX, Archer has run for over ten years, serving up 14 seasons that gave the culture such phrases as, “This is how you get ants,” “Stir fry-day,” and “Phrasing!” The iconic adult cartoon is now airing its final season, but it’s never too late to tune in for the first time and see what this team of dysfunctional spies is up to.


2005 – 2021 (13 seasons)
Watch on: Max
Air time: 11 – 12 minutes

This show centers on a hillbilly mud squid from Georgia who is serving time. The squidbilly (Early) finds out he has a son being raised on the outside by his aunt, who runs a hair salon and meth lab. Early is released on parole to raise his son, and the show follows his escapades as he brings up a squidbilly of his own without violating parole. Enjoy 13 seasons of this animated series where surreal humor meets redneck comedy.

Bob’s Burgers

2011 – present (14 seasons)
Watch on: Fox, Hulu, YouTube
Air time: 22 minutes

A lovable but dysfunctional family unit is often the perfect fodder for a hilarious cartoon–Bob’s Burgers is just that. The series centers on the Belcher Family, which consists of a burger shop owner named Bob, his singing wife Linda, and their three odd and lovable kids.

For fourteen seasons, viewers have tuned in to see what the family and their cast of memorable friends are up to in the seaside town of Seymour’s Bay.

Regular Show

2011 – 2017 (eight seasons)
Watch on: Cartoon Network, Hulu, Max
Air time: 11 minutes

Two best friends go on unbelievable adventures to liven up their boring jobs in Regular Show, an adult comedy with a cult following. Mordecai and Rigby are 23-year-old anthropomorphized animals that work as park groundskeepers. Rigby entices Mordecai away from their workload to have fun in each episode.

Family Guy

1999 – present (22 seasons)
Watch on: Hulu, Freeform, FX
Air time: 22 minutes

People have followed along with Peter Griffin, his family, and friends for more than twenty years. Though baby Stewie never ages, the storylines and inside jokes pile on to one another, giving viewers easter eggs spanning seasons. The layering of inside jokes still hits with new viewers, which may speak to the longevity of this adult cartoon that sparked spinoffs like The Cleveland Show.

American Dad

2005 – present (currently 20 seasons)
Watch on: Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu
Air time: 22 minutes

This show isn’t a spinoff of Family Guy or The Cleveland Show, but it’s made by the same creators. As such, the animation and voice acting are similar. This time, viewers follow a conservative father navigating raising kids who push boundaries and a kooky wife. Oh, and there’s a friendly alien who lives in the attic.

Strange Planet

2023 (currently one season)
Watch on: Apple TV+
Air time: 25 minutes

Based on the books by Nathan W. Pyle, Strange Planet takes viewers to an alien land where characters make poignant but silly observations about life, love, and friendship. The first season premiered in August 2023, so tune in to see if a second season is in the cards.

The Simpsons

1989 – present (36 seasons)
Watch on: Fox, Hulu
Air time: 21- 24 minutes

Perhaps the longest-running cartoon out there, The Simpsons has done it all. The series has featured prominent politicians, psychedelic toads, and many drunken nights–and they’re not done yet. Bart, Lisa, Marge, and the whole gang are still at it every week with new episodes.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

2020 – present (four seasons)
Watch on: Paramount+, YouTube, Amazon
Air time: 25 minutes

Fans of the originals are enjoying Star Trek: Lower Decks, an animated science fiction series focused on the lives of the support crew of a somewhat unimportant Starfleet ship. Episodes follow the ship crew through social and work endeavors, all while science fiction anomalies get in the way. Trekkies have accepted the spinoff series with open arms. It features Star Trek legend George Takei alongside characters voiced by Tawny Newsome, Jerry O’Connell, and more.

Inside Job

2021 (one season)
Watch on: Max
Air time: 26 – 31 minutes

Conspiracy theories, delusions of men in power, and the struggle of a daughter trying to make a name for herself are centered in this raunchy adult animated sitcom. The Netflix show was booked for a second season before the streaming behemoth rescinded the offer. So those who start up episode one should know that’s one season is all they’re going to get.

Big Mouth

2017 – present (currently seven seasons)
Watch on: Netflix
Air time: 24 – 46 minutes

Speaking of raunchy, Big Mouth covers topics that have long been deemed taboo. The ridiculous animated series follows middle schoolers through puberty in a world where each is assigned a hormone monster. Mixing the fantasy of imaginary friends with the grotesque reality of puberty, adults all over have been healing their inner pre-teens season after season with Big Mouth.

The show was picked up for an eighth and final season in April 2023, which earned it the title of longest-running Netflix original series.

The Midnight Gospel

2020 (one season)
Watch on: Netflix
Air time: 20 – 36 minutes

Hit a philosophical note with adult animation and turn on The Midnight Gospel, a show created by podcaster Duncan Trussell. The main character uses his universe simulator to travel to strange lands where he learns valuable life lessons on a wide range of introspective topics.

Bojack Horseman

2014 – 2020 (six seasons)
Watch on: Netflix
Air time: 25 minutes

Former beloved dad on a family sitcom, Bojack Horseman navigates life decades after fame. Complex topics like addiction and assault are married with witty dialogue and character-driven plots. It makes this a show worth watching. Though it has hilarious elements, consider this one more dramatic than the slapstick adult comedies featured on this list. Read the room before putting on Bojack after a group sesh.

The Cuphead Show

2022 (three seasons)
Watch on: Netflix
Air time: 10 – 34 minutes

Cuphead and his brother Mugman search for fun in this slapstick comedy loosely based on a video game. The show is meant for kids six and up, but stoned adults enjoy it too. Impulsive Cuphead lives in a world reminiscent of 1930s animation (think original color Mickey Mouse), and the storylines ring of old times as well. Cuphead is described as a loveable scamp, and this series is fun for the whole family– weed or not.

Adventure Time

2010 – present (currently ten seasons)
Watch on: Hulu, Max, fuboTV
Airtime: 11 minutes

The adventures of Jake and Finn through worlds like Candy Kingdom and the Land of Ooo tell tales of two heroes looking to make the world a better place. Along the way, they meet enchanting characters in a world of technicolor that speaks to any age, especially if the older crowd has puffed on some righteous bud.

The Amazing World of Gumball

2011 – present (currently six seasons)
Watch on: Cartoon Network, Hulu, Prime Video
Airtime: 11 minutes

A little cat named Gumball, who often gets into trouble, is centered in this animated series. Gumball’s best friend is a fish named Darwin that grew legs and walked out of his former life as a housepet. The duo gets into misadventures based on Gumball’s inability to learn lessons.

Steven Universe

2013 – 2019 (five seasons)
Watch on: Cartoon Network, Hulu, Max
Airtime: 11 minutes

The Crystal Gems protect Earth from unwanted visitors in this animated world. Steven Universe is the youngest guardian in this group. The average age of viewers is eight to 10, but adults enjoy the series that follows the goofball “little brother” through magical adventures.

South Park

1997 – 2023 (26 seasons)
Watch on: Max, Prime Video, AppleTV
Airtime: 22 minutes

South Park follows four best friends living in an always snowy fictional Colorado town where lots of wild stuff happens. The forever fourth graders have potty mouths and often have dialogue that seeks to offend. The irreverent nature of the show struck a chord in the new millennium, pleasing lifelong fans who are excited for the show to be renewed through 2027.

These cartoons aren’t all meant for adults, but each one hits in its own way. There’s definitely something on this list that will be perfect right after the edible kicks in. As some of these beloved series have gone off the air or are preparing to premiere their final season, it’s only fair to appreciate them with a righteous toke and a giggle.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.