Here’s where you can order cannabis delivery

Cannabis delivery: drawing of person walking with green bag

Legalizing cannabis doesn’t necessarily open access to everyone, and we’re not just talking about the cities that ban dispensaries. Getting to a dispensary is challenging for a lot of people. Some have a lack of transportation, and others may be homebound. Don’t get me started on parents who need to find childcare just to pick up in the store where visitors must be 21 or older. For these consumers, delivery is a godsend.

Many regulators don’t include cannabis delivery as they build out the structures of cannabis business in their states, though. But some do; here are the places that allow cannabis delivery and the laws that go with it.


Medical patients can order delivery in this Southwestern state, but the service isn’t available to recreational consumers. Dispensaries can partake in delivery provided they follow the controlled substances prescription monitoring program and medical marijuana program laws established by the Department of Health Services.

Patients interested in cannabis delivery can check out Supurb, a same-day delivery site that delivers from multiple dispensaries.


Voters approved medical cannabis in Arkansas, and now patients can pick up at the dispensary or get home delivery. The law also allows dispensaries to serve qualifying patients from other states—they just need proof of identification and their medical cannabis card. Many dispensaries in the state offer delivery; simply search for the best one nearby.


Delivery has been a beloved part of California cannabis culture long before adult-use was legalized. Some cities and counties allow people to order cannabis straight to their door, but always check the law before betting on delivery. Cities and counties can set their own regulations, and some choose to prohibit cannabis business.


In 2019 Colorado legislators passed HB19-1234, effectively regulating cannabis delivery in the state. Since the market is so developed, bud can be found almost anywhere. Just not in El Paso County and a few other destinations. But don’t be discouraged. Delivery is allowed in most of the Rocky Mountain state.


This state has medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries, each operating out of their own spaces–they don’t mix. Both types of weed shops can deliver to anyone 21+ with a valid license, even to municipalities that don’t allow cannabis dispensaries.


Voters approved recreational cannabis in Maryland this year, and on July 1st, adults can legally buy weed. Medical dispensaries in the state have opted to pay for an extended license to start serving everyone come July. The medical program allows patients to get their meds delivered, but it is unclear whether the law will extend to recreational patients.


After extensive public hearings, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control developed a delivery program in 2020. The program only extends into towns that haven’t opted out, but many have. Be prepared to order in advance at some dispensaries. While some offer same-day delivery, others have limited availability.


Dispensaries and micro businesses are allowed to deliver to people’s homes and consumption establishments, aka social lounges that allow smoking and vaping. Currently, the state has two licensed cannabis lounges, Kalkushka Lounge, and Hot Box Social. As cities decide if they want lounges more may come online in the next few years.


Delivery is legal in Nevada, but only to private residences. That means no cannabis delivery to hotels. But those chillin’ at home can order up to one ounce of flower or an eighth of extracts. So, residents can enjoy it, but tourists who opt for the hotel experience over a VRBO or Airbnb need to add a dispensary visit to their trip itinerary.

New Mexico

Only patients can get cannabis delivered in New Mexico, which can feel like a bummer to recreational consumers. But these regulations are considerate of patients who wouldn’t be able to head to the store to pick up, and the adult-use crowd was considered too. Social consumption is allowed in designated areas, and cafes are starting to introduce CBD-infused offerings.

New York

With some of the most lenient public consumption laws around, New York is the state to watch for those interested in the developing space. Delivery is also available, provided customers pay when ordering. The delivery also has to be within New York state lines. Weed can only be dropped at a residence or business, not in a car or public place.


This state allowed counties to decide whether they wanted cannabis delivery, so while it is legal, it may not be available everywhere. Luckily, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission made this nifty map of retailers and counties that allow home deliveries.

Rhode Island

Medical cannabis is the only thing being legally delivered in Rhode Island. The state has reciprocation, meaning that patients from other states can legally possess up to 2.5 ounces, but whether they can order delivery is unclear. For now, established medical patients can order delivery, and all others may consider popping into the local dispensary.


Like others on the list, delivery is only available for Vermont medical patients. The state activated its medical program in 2007 but only recently legalized the plant for adult use in 2020. Perhaps delivery will be extended to all future consumers, but for now, it’s for patients only.

Delivery creates access for more consumers. It’s not only convenient, it’s a point of accessibility. Cannabis delivery isn’t available in all the states that have legalized cannabis, but there are a handful of places where they’ll bring the weed right to your door. These states should have delivery available, but always check city or town ordinances before assuming it’s a sure bet.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.