Wedding Pie strain – dessert weed royalty

wedding pie strain

There’s so many dessert weeds these days, like the Wedding Pie strain, there might as well be a cook book. The indica dominant variety combines fruity flavors in a decadent delight. It isn’t only lovely to smell; this variety brings easy, breezy vacation vibes that I love. Wedding Pie is named after its parent strains and stays true to the lineage with mellow, relaxing effects.

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wedding pie strain

Colorado-based breeder Cannarado created the Wedding Pie strain with parent plants Grape Pie and Wedding Cake. Grape Pie is a cross of Cherry Pie and Gage Green Group’s Grape Stomper, and Wedding Cake is a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. By itself, Wedding Cake can sometimes smell underwhelming, but the addition of Grape Pie genetics creates more depth.

This review is based on Wedding Pie grown by Washington-state brand Artizen. With excellent flavor, scent, and effects, this dessert weed strain is worth dishing out.

Smell, look, and taste of the Wedding Pie Strain

Sweet and sour lush, green buds are prominent throughout Wedding Pie cannabis flowers, and the aroma is reminiscent of fresh lemon juice and cherries.

Wedding Pie weed flowers grow in a spear-like shape with medium-dense nugs. This one could be ground with fingers but a grinder is almost always best to maximize the job. The flower I picked up was blanketed in trichomes, so the green buds took on a whitish sheen.

My favorite part of enjoying this chill strain is the aroma and taste. Wedding Pie smells like bright citrus drenching fresh, sweet cherries. That translates into the flavor which is almost like sipping on a cherry limeade.

Those who love sweet varieties or dynamic flavors will appreciate the Wedding Pie strain, and the effects only make it better.

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wedding pie strain

Wedding Pie strain effects

This cannabis flavor isn’t just tasty; it can melt tension without being completely incapacitating. At least that was my experience when I tried Wedding Pie from my mini bong.

Immediately after blowing the smoke back out, I felt activation in my temples. From there, the high tickling feeling dissipated through my body. My always tense shoulders started to slide down my back as my chest slowly opened.

After about 30 minutes, my entire body relaxed and I started settling into a hazy headspace. At this point the peskier tension points started nagging at me, I was suddenly aware my jaw was tense so I relaxed it.

Cares and worries got much lighter after enjoying the Wedding Pie strain. I didn’t get knocked out like Holy Grail Kush and some other varieties that have this type of effect. Instead, I was about 40 to 60 percent more chill, and I am at my daily neutral.

This was perfect for me while experiencing premenstrual symptoms. I also found it helpful for my high stress levels and messed up joints. Wedding Pie is a great fit for my system, but everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system, so experiences will vary.

Wedding Pie strain FAQ

This cannabis variety is more elusive than its well-known parent, Wedding Cake, so naturally, people have lots of questions about it. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Wedding Pie.

What is the Wedding Pie strain?

Wedding Pie is a cannabis variety bred from Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. Cannarado Genetics first stabilized the cross.

Is Wedding Pie strain indica or sativa?

The Wedding Pie strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that often feels relaxing with a notable body effect.

Does Wedding Pie weed taste good?

The Wedding Pie strain tastes like fresh citrus and ripe cherries; if that sounds like a delight, then it’s probable that you will think Wedding Pie weed tastes good, too.

Wedding Pie may give Wedding Cake a run for its money

Cake may be traditional, but Wedding Pie is here to steal the spotlight. This indica dominant strain has what many seek, a robust body high and delicious flavor profile.

Those who crave a heavier variety that may not take them all the way out may appreciate a puff of Wedding Pie. That is my favorite kind of weed, and this is a flavor I’ll be picking up again. Traditionalist or not, Wedding Pie may be in your future.

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