Uncut gems: this pure pot extract is the most potent yet

liquid diamonds THC: a diamond sits in front of cannabis wax

Liquid diamonds THC cartridges are some of the more potent cannabis concentrates on the market. From the THC content to the flavor profile, liquid diamonds have captured the attention of many cannabis consumers.

THCA diamonds are also known as THC crystals, and they are regarded as the purest natural form of the psychoactive cannabinoid. The diamonds are often called THCA or THC diamonds, as it only takes some heat to turn THCA into THC. However, the products contain THC until vaped, dabbed, or smoked. Diamonds are highly regarded for purity, with products testing as high as 99.9% THC.

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liquid diamonds THC: diamond image in front of cannabis wax

One California cannabis brand has been at the forefront of the movement since its inception: GoldDrop. Founder and CEO Joseph Encinosa broke down the nuance of the cannabis concentrate for GreenState.

“Over the years, Liquid Diamonds has evolved into a well-recognized and marketed cannabis concentrate category, surpassing the popularity of distillate cartridges due to its superior attributes, including higher potency, purity, and reduced waste. These qualities contribute to a smoother vaping experience and a cleaner buzz,” Encinosa shared.

GoldDrop introduced Liquid Diamonds in 2020 as a wholesale item predominantly sold to California cannabis brand Jeeter. A year later, the brand launched the product under the GoldDrop name, offering an alternative to distillate THC and other common vape cart fillers.

What are Liquid Diamonds?

Many claim that liquid diamonds are the purest cannabis extract. The concentrate is created using decarboxylation, heating, and melting of THCA diamonds to convert them to THC. This process leaves behind a potent and flavorful product that quickly gained popularity once it was introduced to consumers.

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GoldDrop developed the first Liquid Diamonds using a process focused on preserving the plant’s terpene profile. This process donates to the desirable experience and effect of the end product, and it’s what sets the extract apart from other extracts like CO2 and distillate.

“Traditional distillation processes often result in the destruction of valuable High Terpene Extract (HTE), leading to significant waste. However, by employing Liquid Diamonds production methods, we can effectively retain the richness of terpenes and minor cannabinoids that contribute to the unique and nuanced high experienced by consumers,” said Encinosa.

Many extraction processes heat the product past the point of no terps, boiling the fragrant compounds out altogether. In these cases, flavor is often added back via plant-derived terpenes. Without an exceptional nose and production line, many vape carts with added flavor end up overtly scented with a taste that veers more into candy coating than weed.

Liquid Diamonds THCA buyer’s guide

Liquid diamonds are offering users a highly potent vape experience, but not all products are equal. Cannabis has been fragmented into numerous things like delta-9 and THCA in the last few years in an attempt to get in line with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Because of this, it’s high time to be a discerning consumer. Encinosa laid out some red flags so everyone is equipped with tools to distinguish between products at the dispensary.

“When shopping for Liquid Diamonds cartridges, consumers should be vigilant for several indicators to ensure authenticity and quality,” Encinosa explained, “Beware of knock-off names such as ‘melted diamonds,’ which may not be certified Liquid Diamonds products. Additionally, consumers should pay attention to the taste, as authentic Liquid Diamonds cartridges offer a smooth, natural flavor without any harsh chemical notes.”

The potency is also an indicator as to whether a brand is dealing in diamonds. Liquid diamonds are pure THCA with high concentrations of cannabinoids. GoldDrop Liquid Diamonds will have around 93 to 96 percent THCA on the package, while some knock-offs will use the name with products testing at 90 percent or below. These products are highly potent and not for the newbies or lightweights (no shade!), much like THCA Diamonds and Live Resin.

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liquid diamonds THC: falling diamonds in front of cannabis wax

Difference between Liquid Diamonds and live resin

Liquid diamonds and live resin are both highly potent products that boast THCA purity, but they have differences. THCA live resin focuses less on diamonds and more on producing a dabbable extract. This leads to a more true-to-plant flavor but sacrifices some THC potency. On the other hand, THCA liquid diamonds cater to purity over potency.

Diamonds may lack flavor in comparison to live resin, they also have little to no smell, but what they’re rich in is THC content. Which product a consumer chooses often comes down to personal preference. Those who want a more flavorful dab will most likely reach for live resin, while consumers needing a stellar dose hang out in the liquid diamond arena.

How to consume liquid diamonds

There are many ways to enjoy liquid diamond THC products. GoldDrop recommends vaping the extract. The brand even launched its own battery kit specifically designed with heat features optimal for its Liquid Diamonds. However, the product can be dabbed or vaped.

“Liquid Diamonds extract is designed to be versatile across various temperature settings, thanks to its purity,” Encinosa noted This versatility caters to a broad spectrum of cannabis users, accommodating those who prefer a gentle, mellow high with lower heat settings, as well as those seeking robust clouds and dab-like hits, who may opt for middle to high range heat settings.”.

Vaping and dabbing are ideal when consuming diamonds because the solid THCA must be burned slowly and hot enough to convert the THCA to THC. Fire converts THCA to THC every day when people light bowls or burn joints. However, when the compound is in a solid extract like diamonds or even bubble hash, sometimes direct flame heats the product unevenly. Those who want to attempt to burn down diamonds should follow a few extra steps.

Flower is dried and cured, so it burns quickly. So quickly that it will burn right past full diamonds in a joint, leaving them unsmoked. Avoid this by running a flame over the paper of a rolled joint. This gives the extracts a head start so they might burn at the rate of the flower. When toking a bong or pipe of liquid diamonds, hold the flame just over the packed bowl to heat the product a bit before applying fire directly to it.

Liquid Diamonds THC – potent, pure pot

Cannabis products come in many forms and flavors, and liquid diamonds offer one of the purest, most potent forms of the plant available today. Thanks to extraction artists like GoldDrop, consumers who need higher THC can opt for liquid diamonds and receive a whopping dose in one simple inhale. New users beware, but those rocking a high tolerance line up for these uncut gems.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.