Stone Road releases highly anticipated Pride collection

Stone Road pride collection

For decades, June has served as a time to honor the LGBTQ+ community. That means joyous parades, rainbow flags, and the annual Stone Road limited edition Pride pre-rolls. This year, the theme is Queer All Year.

Stone Road founder Lex Corwin is a self-proclaimed weed twink who holds that the brand will always cater to and cherish its queer customers.

“Our limited edition Pride collection is my favorite limited release of the year. It’s a chance for us to give back to a community who has given us so much and supported us since day one,” Corwin shared with GreenState.

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The rollies don’t only provide the party with some extra oomph; proceeds from each pre-roll pack are donated to an LGBTQ+ charity. This year, funds will go to non-profit organization The Center, which supports LGBTQ+ people of all ages in various ways. Last year, proceeds went to My Friend’s Place, benefitting the homeless, queer youth.

“We chose The Center because of their amazing work in supporting the queer community and providing opportunities for not only professional advancement but also just queer joy,” Corwin said.

Cannabis also provides joy, especially these special rollies. The Queer All Year Pride collection features two hybrid blends of freshly cured, biodynamically-grown Stone Road flower. Gold Star Gay is an infused 5-pack containing 0.7-gram joints of fruit-forward flower, bubble hash, and THC diamonds.

Stone Road pride collection

Homo Haze is a one-gram version of the signature blend, so consumers can test one out before grabbing the five-pack.

stone road pride collection

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Pride is about people having the freedom, space, and safety to be gay, transgender, lesbian, asexual, questioning, and more. This aligns with Stone Road year-round, not only in June, hence the theme: Queer All Year.

Stone Road has carved and solidified a safe space for LGBTQ+ stoners in weed with queer and femme-forward marketing campaigns and artist collaborations since its inception. The brand hopes that every queer stoner feels loved and supported this month and beyond, and hopefully, this pre-roll blend might help.

“Pride is a time for joy, reflection, and solidarity, and Stone Road wants to contribute to those special moments. We believe our offerings can help set a fun, celebratory tone and encourage a deeper connection among friends and community members,” chief operating officer Sabrina Wheeler said to GreenState.

The Queer All Year pre-rolls are available in the California market. Other Stone Road products can be found in Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Michigan. As for Californians, y’all better go pick up Gold Star Gay and Homo Haze before they run out. These products are only available while supplies last.

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