Stone Road to celebrate Pride with limited edition pre-rolls

Stone Road pride

California sun-grown cannabis brand Stone Road is releasing multiple joint singles and packs to celebrate Pride this year, directing proceeds toward  benefitting homeless youth. Though queer-led Stone Road is proud all year round, the brand wanted to celebrate LGBTQ+ cannabis consumers this Pride month.

“We are deeply connected to our LGBTQ+ customers and supporters, and Pride is an opportunity for us to celebrate this fiercely loyal community. Their support has allowed us to consistently grow, even in a notoriously tough market,” Stone Road founder Lex Corwin told GreenState.

Stone Road pride

Last year, Stone Road released the Love Is Love pre-roll collection featuring sativa-blend Drag Brunch, hybrid Sugar Zaddy, and indica-dominant Grinder & Chill. And just like last year, proceeds from limited edition Pride joint sales will go to My Friend’s Place, which supports the rehabilitation and growth of homeless youth. 

In 2022, The Trevor Project published a research report showing that 28% of LBGBTQ+ youth were experiencing homelessness, highlighting a need for intervention. Corwin hopes the Pride collection continues contributing to ending this crisis. 

“Last year’s Pride Collection helped us achieve one of our best sales months ever while also raising thousands of dollars to assist homeless LGBTQ+ youth,” Corwin said. “Since day one, we have been proudly Queer All Year with inclusive, diverse, and provocative campaign imagery. Gay is beautiful, and we will live our truth 24/7, 365!”

In addition to punny queer-friendly branding, each celebratory joint is rolled with a rainbow tip. As for the quality, Stone Road rolls joints with sun-grown flower cultivated on its family-run regenerative farm in Nevada City, CA.
The brand draws water from an artesian well, uses completely pesticide-free methods, and leaves 99 percent of the surrounding land untamed. In addition to in-house flower, Corwin sources and licenses unique phenotypes from surrounding craft growers to make up the product line. 

When considering how to celebrate Pride this year, California consumers may consider supporting the queer-led, charity-supporting Stone Road LOVE OUT LOUD collection rather than opting for the Live, Laugh, Lesbian shirt from Target 2023 Pride merch. Stone Road is also available in Massachusetts through a partnership with Solar Cannabis Co. 


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