Hitting a Vegas weed lounge? Here’s what to do after

Vegas weed lounge: image of Las Vegas as sunrise from a distance

Las Vegas made headlines recently with the opening of Sin City’s second cannabis lounge, Smoke & Mirrors, and the first operating under Las Vegas city regulations. Nuwu opened the Sky High Lounge tasting room years ago under the authority of the Paiute tribe, now lounges are spreading throughout Vegas. However, gambling is federally regulated, so any cannabis-specific offerings are located off the popular Las Vegas Strip where flashy casinos lie.

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Vegas visitors (and locals) can now take a break from the Strip to enjoy cannabis products and premium-infused mocktails in a zazzy social space. Incorporating cannabis lounges into the Vegas scene adds a new edge to the tourist destination. Now, there’s a reason for those who may not gamble, drink, or go clubbing to book a ticket. As Cali sober stoners begin descending on the desert oasis, alternative attractions may see an uptick related to lounge visits.

These lesser-known hotspots are perfect for an elevated mind after a visit to a Vegas weed lounge.

Neon Boneyard

Vegas weed lounge
The Neon Sign Boneyard is the place where old classic Las Vegas neon signs go to die. For decades, the Young Electric Sign Company has been creating the majority of the neon signs that have adorned the fronts of the hotels and casinos, as well as gas stations, motels, convenience stores in Las Vegas. In 1997, a group formed called the Neon Museum had the goal of collecting, refurbishing and exhibiting these classic Las Vegas signs – the neon sign. The signs are currently sitting in a fenced in yard that is more like a graveyard. (Photo by Timothy Fadek/Corbis via Getty Images) Photo: Timothy Fadek / Getty Images

The Neon Museum, also known as the Neon Boneyard, is home to all of the old neon signs that once graced the Vegas Strip. These giant pieces are often featured in old movies, and during night tours, they’re lit once again. The museum is a nonprofit founded in the late 90s dedicated to the preservation of the Vegas of yore and an excellent way to spend a post-lounge high.

Seven Magic Mountains

Vegas weed lounge
JEAN, NV – JULY 15: Seven Magic Mountains, a public art installation created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, features a series of large, brightly colored stacked boulders, is viewed on July 15, 2022 near Jean, Nevada. Located along Interstate 15 south of Las Vegas, Seven Magic Mountains, working with Nevada Museum of Art, has become an overwhelming Instagram location and has become overun with visitors. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) Photo: George Rose / Getty Images

A thirty-minute ride south of Las Vegas sits Seven Magic Mountains, a collection of 30 to 35-foot sculptures installed by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. Colorful, gigantic rocks are stacked atop one another, starkly contrasting the surrounding desert landscape.

The totems have been a backdrop in many influencer posts. It’s also a suitable piece of art to stare at while pondering the meaning of reality.

Omega Mart at Area 15

Meow Wolf has made a name for itself as a quintessential immersive art experience, growing from its origins in New Mexico to three locations–including Las Vegas. Omega Mart is the second Meow Wolf installation of the trio. It is modeled after a grocery store, with familiar products that take on new meaning with a closer look.

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As with every Meow Wolf experience, Omega Mart is all-ages and features installations from various international creators. After walking the faux grocery aisles, saunter through the experiential entertainment district Area 15 for bars, shopping, restaurants, and more. Omega Mart was made for trippers, stoners, and those seeking to challenge their perceptions of the world–a great activity after visiting a Vegas weed lounge.

Lake Mead

Vegas weed lounge: jetskis careen along Lake Mead

Anyone with a sober friend who also has a boat should seriously consider a trip to Lake Mead while there’s still water in it. Face to the wind, cold drink in hand, and sun-warmed skin feel even better after a bit of weed, but please, never drive a boat high.

Lake Mead is lined with cliffs and coves perfect for putting down an anchor and floating for a while. Those who have been to Las Vegas without a trip to Mead are missing out, especially stoners who enjoy relaxing in a beautiful landscape.

Fremont Street

Vegas weed lounge
USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, Downtown, Fremont Street Photo: Siegfried Layda / Getty Images

Those who live in Las Vegas will tell you that Fremont Street is an off-strip gem. The sprawl has no shortage of attractions, live entertainment, and special events. There are also restaurants and an expansive light show that spans over the promenade like the sky. The Fremont Street experience is a more family-friendly strip, though it features its fair share of debauchery. If the crew is a little stoned, Fremont may be a less stimulating option than the Strip for a post-lounge night out.

Planet 13 Entertainment Complex

Enjoy a world created for the high mind in the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex containing a dispensary, restaurant, bar, regular events, and soon, its own consumption lounge. Add the locale to a Vegas weed lounge tour or stop in while seeing the sites.

Planet 13 is located just off the Strip, making it an ideal stop for those staying in the big hotels.

Springs Preserve

Take in the true Nevada landscape with a visit to Springs Preserve, featuring interpretive trails exploring a scenic wetland. This site is one of the most biologically rich locations in Las Vegas, and though it’s an ideal attraction for kids, stoners will be equally excited. Springs Preserve also includes the Nevada State Museum and a cafe serving breakfast and lunch.

Emerald Cave Kayak Tours

Take a Lake Mead visit one step further and book a kayak tour of Emerald Cave. This is the perfect activity for the athletic crowd who may want to do more than float. It also serves as a way to enjoy Lake Mead without a sober driver or their boat.

The company was founded in 2004 and purchased by Ian Blair in 2023, a former Army combat medic and avid outdoorsman. Meet Blair at the dock, learn the basics, and start exploring this outdoor attraction. Vegas temperatures reach record highs in the summer (and some spring) months, so be mindful when planning outdoor activities in this region.

Visiting Las Vegas? If so, consider some of these alternative tourist attractions featuring everything from mini-strip experiences to outdoor excursions. Don’t overlook these gems sitting right outside the scope of the neon lights.

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