High spirits: witchy Halloween cannabis accessories

halloween cannabis accessories

Halloween is just around the corner. Costumes are receiving the last touches, and candy bowls are getting filled. Cannabis companies have also released thematic pieces, including functional glass, stash boxes, and more. When it comes to cannabis accessories for Halloweed there’s no trick. It’s all treats. The spooky stoner offerings are stacked, and these are our favorites.

Coffin Cake Stash Box

Fake Cakery is an artisan rethinking what was always right there: the layers of a grinder as cake. The Coffin Cake Stash Box Gift Set includes a signature frosted grinder, stash box, and upcycled glass ashtray. Ashtrays are either thrifted or sourced secondhand– we love a sustainable option. Fake Cakery goes all in during the spooky season with this weed kit fit for a goth.

The brand also sells grinders and joint cases with cute autumnal decor, like the marigold Pumpkin Bunny grinder with a (you guessed it) cute bunny holding a pumpkin “cake” topper. Don’t sleep on the Candy Pumpkin Ashtray, either.

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Green Witch Rolling Tray

Those earthier magicians appreciate this wooden rolling tray perfect for a forest lover. The Cozy Mushroom & Crescent Moon Rolling Tray by Woodchip Witch is made with maple and features a purple heart stripe.

Two self-proclaimed witches operate the Canadian business. One fashioned the rolling tray while the other drew the charming design of a mossy moon with an amanita muscaria mushroom by hand. The tray features high walls to keep all of the valued herb right where it belongs. Spooky or not, any witch would enjoy rolling up in this hand-made treasure.

Crystal Ball Pipes

The original Crystal Ball comes from Sackville & Co., a woman-owned brand with an online headshop and apparel store. The handheld crystal ball dry pipe has a carb, mouthpiece, and internal bowl piece. The pipe sits on a matching stand that can also serve as an ashtray in a pinch. Grab this crystal ball in Grounded, Vibrant, Powerful, and Bougie colorways.

Halloween cannabis accessories

A few years after the initial Crystal Ball hit the wire, Canna Style (also women-owned) dropped its own version. This Crystal Ball Pipe is water filtered, featuring a shower head percolator, external bowl piece, and non-detachable gold resin-based etched with moons and stars. The witchy vibes are real, just make sure to watch the water level since splash back is possible.

These crystal ball pipes are a witchy way to enjoy some flower this Halloween, though we can’t promise they’ll tell your future.

Halloween cannabis accessories

Coffin pipe

Back to the goth vibes, check out this black glass High Til’ I Die coffin pipe from Blackcraft. The limited edition piece is made by Empire Glassworks and launched on 4/20 and features an etched red cross. The coffin also comes in white. Blackcraft has some other functional glass that highlights the occult, most of it has a darker feel.

Puffco Proxy Bloom Colorway

Lovers of wax and new tech unite with wizards in the latest iteration of consumption gadgets from Puffco. The Proxy was recently released in Bloom, a new lavender colorway that brings an extra air of magic to a pipe that is already a nod to Gandalf, one of the great wizards of fantasy fiction.

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Halloween cannabis accessories

The Proxy fits in the palm of your hand but offers a world of possibilities. The signature 3D chamber has four compatible heat settings controlled by one button. Toke wax like a wizard with the latest Proxy colorway from Puffco.

The Witchy Family by Hemper

This October, Hemper added its Cauldron Bong to its subscription box, giving it a touch of the Craft. The box also includes an assortment of papers, a stash container, and more. Those who don’t need a full kit can opt to buy individual pieces.

The Cauldron Bong, small Cat Handpipe, XL Cauldron bong, Black Cat bowl, and Witch Hat carb cap belong to The Witchy Family of products. Whether you dab or burn bowls, there’s a member of this fam to help.

Halloween Rolling Papers

Getting the joints decked out is one of the best ways to liven up the space during the spookiest holiday of the year. Canna Style has multiple Halloween-themed papers available, including cones and rolling papers.

The purple cone with white ghosts, white cone with blood splatters, and black cone with pumpkins could provide party favors for the 21+ gathering. The pumpkins also come in rolling papers for the DIY divas. Just be mindful to only serve decorated joints and cannabis candies at child-free parties.

Halloween cannabis accessories

Tarot Card Cannabis Accessories

The Stoner, an imagined tarot card that could fit well in the Major Arcana, is depicted at the base of a ceramic ashtray. Imagery invites thoughts of the OG Rider-Waite tarot deck but with a red triangle beneath a prominent green fan leaf rather than the usual Hanged Man illustration. This occult-oriented cannabis accessory is available in boutiques nationwide and various e-commerce stores.

Spencer’s Gifts has a rolling tray with a made-up tarot card entitled The Stoner, too. But the black plastic tray features a skeleton smoking a joint while holding a bong in a field of cannabis flowers. Both reimagine tarot cards with cannabis in mind but ended up with different vibes.

Cannabis isn’t scary, but some of these accessories are. But there’s always some treats with the tricks, a few of these curated weed products are as sweet as cake. Whatever type of Halloween celebrations are planned, there’s something on this list that’ll keep the adult party goers flying high.

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