Top ten cities for weed tourism revealed in new report

best weed tourism in america

Cannabis tourism hasn’t taken off as quickly as dispensary sales in legal states. There are ample places to purchase the pot, but many areas lack 420-friendly lodging or lounges to consume it. Many people visiting legal states are left wondering where it’s ok to inhale. Not to mention, smoking weed in public is still illegal in most locations.

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Luckily, accommodations on sites like Bud & Breakfast make it simple to find vacation rentals that allow cannabis. Some Airbnb hosts quietly allow people to consume the plant on their property.

A recently published report shared the locations with the most cannabis-friendly travel accommodations. Data from Bud & Breakfast and Airbnb was gathered to name the top five places with the most 420-friendly places to stay. Since Airbnb doesn’t have a 420-friendly indicator, stats were marked for any listing that allowed smoking throughout the home.

Using this data, Upgraded Points calibrated the number of pro-weed lodgings against every 100,000 people in each U.S., figuring out the top 10 cities with the most places catering to cannabis tourists. Colorado claimed the top spot, with two more cities in the inaugural legal state making the cut, but the list did reveal some surprises.

Top 10 Cities with the most 420-friendly lodgings:

  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Burlington, Vermont
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Scottsdale, Arizona
  5. Portland, Maine
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  8. Detroit, Michigan
  9. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  10. Eugene, Oregon

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Weed culture hub California and longtime legal state Washington didn’t make the list. Oakland and Riverside, Calif. took numbers 11 and 15 on the list of places with lots of lodging for stoners. The fact that San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other beach locales didn’t make the cut might raise an eyebrow. Though California didn’t make this top ten, multiple locales in the Golden State landed on another top 10 shared in the report: most expensive 420-friendly lodgings.

The most expensive place to book a weed vacation rental is San Diego, Calif., followed by Scottsdale, Arizona. On the flipside, the cheapest place to book stoner lodgings is Columbus, Ohio, followed closely by Spokane, Wash.

Cheapest cities with weed-friendly vacation rentals

  1. Columbus, Ohio — $127.64 (average cost per night)
  2. Spokane, Washington — $141.67
  3. Portland, Oregon — $149.65
  4. St. Louis, Missouri — $154.47
  5. Colorado Springs, Colorado — $170.67
  6. Fresno, California – $171.32
  7. Tucson, Arizona – $172.48
  8. Eugene, Oregon – $174.62
  9. Cleveland, Ohio – $176.58
  10. Burlington, Vermont – $180.06

Most expensive cities for booking cannabis travel

  1. San Diego, California — $360.21
  2. Scottsdale, Arizona — $308.99
  3. Phoenix, Arizona –- $304.25
  4. Reno, Nevada — $291.00
  5. Virginia Beach, Virginia — $286.00
  6. Los Angeles, California – $284.64
  7. Norfolk, Virginia – $282.79
  8. Boston, Massachusetts – $281.44
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada – $265.73
  10. New York, New York – $258.92

Weed tourism may not be booming yet, but these U.S. cities are growing into hubs for canna-curious travelers. Those looking to book a vacation around Ganja may need to think outside the usual spots and go to places like Vermont and Arizona.

However, just because there aren’t loads of lodging options in idyllic locales doesn’t mean they don’t exist. These are the top spots, but there are still outlier accommodations in most adult-use states serving the stoner community; you simply have to look.

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